Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest horse farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Beware of oak poisoning!

It can be very difficult to diagnose chronic poisoning in horses caused by the consumption of acorns, says Dr Mac.

Horses and puff adders

When grazing, horses accidently disturb this highly venomous snake, and are often bitten on the face, says Dr Mac.

Becoming a jockey

If you have a small body frame, are athletic and enjoy riding, this may the career for you, says Dr Mac.

Looking after your horse’s heart

The health of your horse’s heart can be affected by pathogens, worm load or toxins, says Dr Mac.

How to ‘pony’ a horse

Leading one horse while riding another is a useful skill that can be hard to learn, says Dr Mac.

Understanding and treating PPID

Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, sometimes called Cushing’s syndrome, is a common hormonal disease in older horses, says Dr Mac.

Using homeopathy to treat your horse

A wide range of homeopathic remedies is available for treating competition horses, according to Dr Mac.

Controlling biting flies

Biting flies are not only a nuisance, but can also transmit diseases and deliver painful bites, says Dr Mac.

Making wildlife part of your horse business

Like many industries, the horse industry is suffering due to COVID-19 regulations. If you own a farm, bringing in some game could offer you another income stream, says Dr Mac.

Understanding thermal imaging

This non-invasive diagnostic tool can identify ‘hotspots’ that are linked to unsoundness, says Dr Mac.

Alcohol-free beer for riders

Alcohol-free beer is a perfect alternative to fizzy drinks, and is increasing in popularity amongst professional riders around the world, says Dr Mac.

Inbreeding, outcrossing, line breeding and hybrid vigour

Horse breeding is a complicated matter, with many variables to consider, says Dr Mac.