Favourites for the 2012 season

With the Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation’s 2012 season currently underway, Thomas Smit looks at some of the favourites.

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The Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation’s (TRPF) racing season kicked off on 2 June and will end on 6 October. As usual, the programme is divided into short, middle and long distance series with points league champion awards going to the best performers within the different distance categories. Defending champions are using all their skills to maintain their reputations – and it should be noted that more than 50% of the 2011 South African National Pigeon Organisation (Sanpo) Best Pigeon Awards were won by TRPF members. Here is a brief overview of some of those who are the ones to watch during this year’s TRPF season…

Schmidt & Bouwer
The Alberton Homing Society partnership of Johan Schmidt and Roland Bouwer pulled out all the stops to clinch a number of Sanpo 2011 best pigeon awards. Johan is known for having a hand in the development of the Spritzy pigeon family, which has become a foundation line in many SA lofts. He and Roland, who’s known for his skill in hunting down overseas pigeon stock material, have tested offspring from the Spritzy line with various new, carefully selected imports with enormous success.

The partnership also owns the cream from the lofts of Louis Wouters and the late Kees Bosau – birds which are related to Muggie, Kerkduifje, Kees, Kannibaal and others.

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  • Schmidt & Bouwer won the Sanpo 2011 champion best pigeon awards in the following categories:
  • Sanpo Best Short Distance Pigeon: ZA TRPF 07 38204.
  • Sanpo Best Middle Distance Pigeon: ZA TRPF 08 18501.
  • Sanpo Best All Distances 1st and 3rd pigeons: ZA TRPF 07 38204 and ZA TRPF 09 5308.

Out Of Africa Lofts
Owner Egbert O’Kelly belongs to the Golden Reef Pigeon Association. He took SA by storm with the offspring of the Tom Lock lines built around the super breeder foundation Croxford hen. Out Of Africa Lofts won the Sanpo 2011 Long Distance awards for the 1st and 3rd best pigeons (ZA TRPF 09 19318 and ZA GRPA 10 0667).

Dean Jooste
A member of the Pretoria Pigeon Racing Combine, Dean Jooste is a force to be reckoned with in SA pigeon racing, thanks mainly to his Catrysse and Slimme lines. He won a Sanpo award for the 2nd best Short Distance pigeon (ZA 10 27316).
He’ll also be remembered for once scoring 4th with his Blue Barred hen Dee in the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SCMDPR). And he and his partner, Jos Joubert, form a mean team.

Mark Kitchenbrand
Mark Kitchenbrand needs very little introduction. Not only did he buy the most expensive ace pigeon in the SCMDPR to date (it cost him R800 000), he later won the race in partnership with Alfons Klaas of Germany.
A member of the Alberton Homing Society, Mark won a 2011 Sanpo award for the 3rd best pigeon in the Short Distance category (ZA TRPF 10 50236).

Others to watch this season 

  • P & P Maas: From the Pretoria Specialist Pigeon Union, this partnership picked up a 2011 Sanpo award for the 2nd best pigeon in the Middle Distance category (ZA 10 23705). 
  • JC Matthee: A member of the West Rand Racing Pigeon Association, he won a 2011 Sanpo award for the 2nd best pigeon in the Long Distance category (ZAD 09 4977).
  • Johan Boshoff: Belongs to the TRPF and won a Sanpo award for the 2nd best pigeon in the All Distances category last year.

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