Digital Magazines FAQ

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Here are the answers to the questions we hear most often about our digital magazines:


How do I download a digital magazine?

You will need to first download Zinio or Magzter. These are free and available at online stores such as iTunes or Google Store (for Android).

What if I use a tablet or phone?
Open the app and type ‘Farmer’s Weekly’ (no italics necessary) in the search box. You can then decide if you want a subscription ( and if so, for how long) or a single edition.

What if I use a PC or laptop?
To read Farmer’s Weekly on your PC or Mac, you will need Zinio’s Desktop Reader.

How long does it take to download a magazine?

This depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Typically it’s just a few minutes.

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Can I get the PDF version for a magazine I purchased?
To prevent piracy, your Zinio and Magzter downloads can’t be turned into regular PDF files.

How many times can I view the magazines I purchased?
As many as you like! It’s completely unlimited.


What devices are compatible with Magzter?
Windows 8 devices, iPad, iPhones, iPod Touch and Android. You can get Magzter through iTunes or Google Play. (Magzter is planning to expand its services to other platforms like Symbian and BlackBerry OS).

Can I give someone a digital magazine or subscription as a gift?
Yes, Magzter allows this. The option will appear during the purchase process.

I bought the magazine on my iPhone. Can I view it on my iPad?
Yes, so long as you have the Magzter app on your tablet. Sign in with your User ID and password and you will be able to view the magazines you have purchased.

Can I read the magazine offline through my PC?
Offline reading is only supported in Windows 8.

Where can I download the Magzter app for Kindle?
The Magzter app is available only for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. Download and install from; then log in with your Magzter User ID and password.

To contact Magzter directly for help, email [email protected].


What devices are Zinio downloads compatible with?
PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android 2.2 (or above), Kindle Fire and Blackberry Playbook.

How does the Online Reader work?
Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and Mac OS, the Online Reader enables you to access your magazines from any web browser with Adobe Flash installed. One benefit of the Offline Reader is that pages load more quickly because the magazine file is being read directly from your computer and not over an Internet connection.

How do I access the magazines I’ve purchased?
Go to ‘My Library’, where you can read online or download your magazines.

Can I give someone a digital magazine or subscription as a gift?
At present Zinio only allows you to give someone a gift voucher (in pounds sterling). So we recommend using Magzter for gifts.

Can I read offline with the Zinio Reader?
Absolutely! Your Zinio Reader and Download Manager make this very simple.

For extra help, go to