Mulder must take responsibility

During 2011, assisted by Roelof Bezuidenhout, I wrote a few articles for Farmer’s Weekly on land reform viewed through my Zim crystal ball.

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After the huge reaction to Dr Pieter Mulder`s speech including a warning shot by President Zuma, the fact that he continues to not understand the sensitivity of land reform, highlighted by your very clever cartoon, is amazing.He is the deputy minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, so surely the points he raises are his responsibility to the nation? It is almost as if the minister is speaking through a glass wall. Wow, he had all of this in one speech:

  • Mischievous twisting of my speech.
  • Uncertainty in the agri sector.
  • Land reform Zimbabwe-style.
  • Open debate is needed.
  • Farmers don’t appoint new workers or invest in South Africa.
  • They move to other African countries.
  • 2 000 farmers murdered.
  • Government leaders do not repudiate them – why would they?
  • 60 000 farmers reduced to 37 000 farmers.
  • The Constitution and Freedom Charter – watch this space.
  • Willing-buyer, willing-seller, done and dusted.

Mr Minister, you represent some of the most professional skilled farmers in Africa. Surely from your position, in the highest office in the nation, you can become accountable and positive? Having lost what we had in Zim, it makes me very anxious to watch so many highly skilled farmers not having political leaders batting for them in a positive way. You have no idea just how good it is to have a farm to farm on, in spite of serious obstacles.