Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas launches new campaign

Sponsored by CVVP

The Compañía de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E. (CVVP) launched a new logo and slogan: ‘Join us. Grow with us’.

The objective of the new campaign is to publicise and divulge the intangible assets that are managed by CVVP, which to a great extent, benefits plant breeders and master licensees of plant varieties.

Being able to rely on CVVP to manage the plant varieties, not only means having the support, the backing and the personalised help of a consolidated company, which has experience in the sector. It also means growing in talent, distinction and ambition.

Under the slogan, ‘Join us. Grow with us’, CVVP promotes growth and gives its potential

members the opportunity to join a strong community of plant breeders and experts, to attain the same objective: being successful in managing their plant varieties.

CVVP has managed famous varieties such as Nadorcott, m7, the Summer Prim lemon and the Leanri mandarin for years. One of the latest additions is the Kibi brand, with red and yellow kiwi varieties.

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