Helping you farm for a sustainable future

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To turn your agribusiness into a sustainable business, you need a partner like Nedbank to be with you every step of the way.

Helping you farm for a sustainable future
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Agriculture is changing dramatically. Technological advances and the need for sustainable practices in a rapidly changing climate means changing your farming practices to be sustainable.

Nedbank wants to walk this road with you.

The importance of water in sustainable farming practices cannot be underestimated but, because of South Africa’s variable water resources and water resources that are over-extracted and heavily polluted, this proves to be some of the biggest challenges impacting farming.

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Outdated ways of farming, the invasion of alien species and compromised water resources should all be taken into account when a new path for your business is planned.

Sustainability solutions

Agricultural efficiencies are improved through the use of disruptive technologies in the fields of biotechnology, informatics, robotics and drones as well as solar power.

This is all done in a bid to keep up with rising food demands as the world’s population increases.

Through the use of core technologies – including big data collected through the use of smart sensors and smart devices – decisions can be made across the supply chain. This has an impact on farming practices and the sustainability of your farming enterprise.

Nedbank understands the need for the use of emerging technology to aid in precision crop management and precision farming. For example, drones can be used to identify crop stress or pest damage and immediate steps can be taken to rectify this.

By investing in mobile technologies, farmers can also increase their yields by providing information on the agricultural market and best practices to meet localised needs.

Investment in science and technology will help farmers to

  • Improve their livelihoods by producing crops of higher quality, improved nutritional value and which is safer for consumption,
  • Provide for the growing population by producing more, sustainable crops,
  • Adopt sustainable farming through modern irrigation practices, reducing the use of fossil fuel, soil tillage, water runoff and pesticides.

The emerging agricultural business specialists understand farming is the backbone of the economy and they keep moving forward, even in the face of many challenges.

Nedbank understands your agribusiness

Nedbank’s local, specialised agricultural teams understand your local area and the ins and outs of your business and this means that they can help to guide your business growth.

Because Nedbank understands that your industry and business goes through cycles. Nedbank offers tailored solutions, by a dedicated business manager, for agronomy, horticulture, livestock, and secondary agriculture – including agricultural processing and pack houses.

Various lending and investment solutions are available through Nedbank, including:

  • Current accounts with seasonal overdraft facilities
  • Financing for equipment, productive-assets and fixed assets
  • Debtor and trade finance
  • Flexible solutions for BEE transactions
  • Renewable energy and efficiency finance
  • Customised short- or long-term investments to suit your business, and more.

Transactional banking solutions, value-added solutions – including insurance, crop and livestock cover – as well as seamless switching to Nedbank are also available.

To find out how Nedbank AgriBusiness can help you, send an email to [email protected]