Transform maize production with Pannar’s PowerCore™ technology

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Farmers can reclaim their power by integrating powerful insect-resistant seed traits in their maize crop production, thanks to Pannar’s PowerCore™ technology

Transform maize production with Pannar’s PowerCore™ technology
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This high-performing seed trait effectively helps to protect crops from destructive above-ground lepidopteran pests, such as the Maize Stalk Borer and Spotted Maize Stem Borer.

The PowerCore™ trait comprises three different Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) – proteins, each targeting insects differently and thereby helping to prolong the durability of the technology. The technology also confers herbicide resistance to glyphosate herbicides.

Its unique combination of three Bt-proteins with glyphosate tolerance provides excellent pest and weed control. This exceptional trait technology is now available in six new maize hybrids with excellent top-end yield potential.

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Yellow Maize Hybrids with PowerCore Technology White Maize Hybrids with PowerCore Technology
PAN 3P-924PW (NEW)
PAN 4P-928PW (NEW)
PAN 5P-902PW
PAN 5P-990PW (NEW)
PAN 3P-973PW (NEW)
PAN 5P-985PW (NEW)
PAN 5P-991PW (NEW)


“As we focus on providing advanced maize seed traits that help our farmers create new opportunities to manage their business profitably, we are excited by the new opportunity that PowerCore™ brings to meet the needs of our customers”, says Nick Goble, Pannar Seed Business Manager.

Reach out to a Pannar expert today, to help determine which maize hybrid seed with PowerCore technology best suits your farm for the 2023 growing season!