Is your customer king?

It’s said that businesses most likely to survive a recession are those that genuinely believe the ‘customer is king’.

Employees in these companies know that the customer is their reason for being there and not the other way around. How often do you walk into the reception area of a large company and find, emblazoned on walls, its ‘mission’ and ‘vision’ statements, promising that the client is number one? And how often do you find that these mellifluous promises are just that – mere words – and nothing more?

Market agents are acutely aware (or should be) of their clients – the producers. It’s a delicate relationship that drives their business dealings and should be constantly nurtured.

Above approach
Since the market agent acts on behalf of the producer, the buyer on the market floor is technically the producer’s client.
This in no way alleviates the market agent of his responsibility to the buyer. In fact, because of his unique position of trust with the producer, the market agent should ensure that his dealings with buyers are above reproach.

Any bad service given to a buyer reflects on you, the producer. I can’t think of any producer who would be happy knowing that the agent is harming his brand. The market agent is in the front line in his interactions with both producer and buyer. This not only places an onerous responsibility on the agent, it also means he is more easily targeted when things go wrong.

An entire team provides service
What many forget is that service to the client stretches all the way back to the management and admin staff. These people might not, like the market agent, be in daily contact with the client, but their service levels to that client play an important part in the business relationship.

If I think of all the market agencies and their salespeople that I know, I can honestly say that many do practise a culture of the ‘customer is king.’ My most fervent wish is that their few remaining colleagues who have not yet embraced this ethos will soon do so!