The science of shooting

Jurie Nel hunter, amateur ballistician and keen hand loader provides insight on energy transfer, penetration, deformation and the wound channel.

A touch of Tuscany

Jonno designs a single plan house with tuscan-style roofing.

World record blue kurper

Landing the biggest ever specimen of this exciting angling fish all those years ago was a memorable event, recalls Eugene Kruger.

A season to remember

Record-breaking rains. A dearth of insects where there are usually swarms. Fewer birds than normal. Are these signs of climate change? asks Abré J Steyn.

An unexpected nocturnal visitor

A quiet evening on the farm was rudely disturbed by the appearance of one of the bushveld’s toughest and most fearless animals, writes Jurie Nel.

Understanding each other

Animals communicate effectively, even across species. But only humans use complex language, and today we communicate worldwide instantly, says Abré J Steyn.

The adventure of the bothersome blowfly

No matter what you’re hunting, make sure you use the right weapon before you pull the trigger – or the results could be unpleasant, especially for bystanders, as Leon von...

Carp fishing is cool!

Carp is SA’s most popular freshwater fish with both competitive and recreactional anglers, due to its abundance and size, writes Eugene Kruger.

Born to Kill

Drama and tragedy plays out in the nest of the little bee-eater (Merops pusillus) as part of nature’s endless dance of life and death, writes Abré J Steyn.

Ballistics – the science of shooting for the hunter

The study of a moving projectile and knowledge of its design for maximum performance is essential information for every hunter, writes Jurie Nel.

The passion of bassin’

The hobby of bass fishing takes place from the river bank and entails much more than simply putting your line in the water, writes Eugene Kruger.

A bird that tells the time

The fascinating cuckoo with its distinctive call parasitises the nests of other species and emerges to follow patterns that have existed for millenia, writes Abré J Steyn.


Twin foals are not a good idea!

About 80% of twin foals are aborted by the eighth month of pregnancy, sometimes with negative consequences for the mare, says Dr Mac.

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