The art of tree extraction

Today Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous artists of all time. But he died in poverty. I can't really judge his art, but recently some of his works sold for several hundred million dollars each. During his lifetime, however, he only managed to sell one painting. There are still people like him around.

Animal rightists

Notice has been given that A a referendum will occur in a month's time. A growing number of elderly lions, leopards and hyenas have found it increasingly difficult to hunt successfully.

Kruger’s Jungle

When you're a child you dream a lot. You live in a world of your own. Much of my own dream time was spent with Tarzan in the jungle. It was inspired by a weekly cartoon in a popular youth magazine that was beautifully illustrated and depicted all the adventures of Tarzan.

Swifts & jets

Over the years I've rehabilitated many birds of prey. Most of them have survived as I never released any raptor that was unfit. Only a super-fit hawk or eagle can stay alive and only a falconer can train them to this level. It's a wonderful feeling: giving a doomed bird a second life.

ANT LIONS – a closer look

Many people I know have installed one of those non-selective electronic insect shocking devices on their verandas. Issue date 15 June 2007

The wrong tool for the job

Biodiversity literally means the variety of living organisms, both large and small. In theory it sounds good to safeguard or to restore the biodiversity of what is left of our natural ecosystems. To do this, however, one must have a good knowledge of the environment and the myriad of species that inhabit it, as well as sound ecological insight into the principles underlying the concept of diversity

Red-letter days: memory gateways to the past

When parts of a message are important, we highlight the letters in red and when a certain day is special we call it a red-letter day.
Issue Date: 30 March 2007

The heart of an eagle

  With a thunderstorm brewing in the background the tawny eagle Veruschka flies through the Kalahari sky. After the intense heat of the day a...

When it rains buckets

Flood is no joke, so pray for rain - but please don't ask for too much.
Issue Date: 9 March 2007

HYENAS: man-made predators

The past three decades have seen hyenas transforming from scavengers into predators, a change which has impacted enormously on predator populations in Africa's major game regions.

Waterbird culling appeal ‘a travesty’

Hilko insei, an exotic bird breeder from bon accord, north of pretoria


Technology and animal welfare improve piggery profits

Pig stud breeder and farmer CP Kriek is convinced that contented pigs are more productive. For this reason, he has brought his operation, Taaibosch Piggery, in line with European standards...
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