The old professor, Ben Engelbrecht

Careful observation and experimentation made theology professor Ben Engelbrecht an expert lure fisherman at a time when nobody knew very much about the art, writes Abré J Steyn.

Catch & release – alive!

As the tigerfish is our premier inland gamefish and because its numbers are dwindling, Abré J Steyn feels strongly about the art of catch-and-release. But with this fish, successful release is no easy feat.

The scaly wings

Moths are not as popular or admired for their beauty as their cousins the butterflies. However, they have an essential ecological role as pollinators and are essential to life on earth, writes Abré J Steyn

Old Platanna

Chameleons may look like mini dinosaurs, but they're a highly evolved kind of lizard with unique abilities, "modifications" and "specs". But their numbers in South Africa are declining, writes Abré J Steyn, with several featuring on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's endangered list.

Danger! Don’t mess with me!

It was almost midnight. The big crowned eagle was restless and her weight on my heavily gloved left arm was becoming a burden.

When the old man was a boy

The battle between land and sea has taken place since the time the world began. The clash of wave against rock has always fascinated me in a way I can't explain. It has been like that since I was a little boy. Engulfed in the smell of fish and the cries of seagulls circling around me, I was spellbound by the big swell that gently rolled in from afar.

The sad demise of our ‘flat dogs’

Like claws, my fingers groped in vain to catch something to hang onto. Having lost my balance, I was falling backwards overboard in 10m-deep croc-infested water. I plunged head-first into another world.

Sharks beware! Humans in the bay!

'The nets were never designed to keep the sharks away from the beaches but merely to kill them.'

The art of tree extraction

Today Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous artists of all time. But he died in poverty. I can't really judge his art, but recently some of his works sold for several hundred million dollars each. During his lifetime, however, he only managed to sell one painting. There are still people like him around.

Animal rightists

Notice has been given that A a referendum will occur in a month's time. A growing number of elderly lions, leopards and hyenas have found it increasingly difficult to hunt successfully.

Kruger’s Jungle

When you're a child you dream a lot. You live in a world of your own. Much of my own dream time was spent with Tarzan in the jungle. It was inspired by a weekly cartoon in a popular youth magazine that was beautifully illustrated and depicted all the adventures of Tarzan.

Swifts & jets

Over the years I've rehabilitated many birds of prey. Most of them have survived as I never released any raptor that was unfit. Only a super-fit hawk or eagle can stay alive and only a falconer can train them to this level. It's a wonderful feeling: giving a doomed bird a second life.

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