The password manager – it couldn’t be easier

Password managers are great security tools with many time-saving benefits.

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In 2008, technology analyst Mary Meeker made a bold prediction by saying that cellphone Internet usage would overtake fixed Internet usage by 2014. She was right. That milestone was reached last year. According to globalwebindex, 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. Each mobile device has a platform or operating system (OS) just like your PC, and each OS may be either Windows or Apple.

According to the latest stats released by in February this year, IOS (Iphone) and Android together had 96,3% of the smartphone market share in the fourth quarter of 2014. The most dominant operating system, Android, had a 76,6% market share, followed by IOS (19,7%), Windows (2,8%), Blackberry (0,4%) and others.

What platform to choose

It goes without saying that the most popular mobile platform will have the most apps. And reveals that, in July 2014, a total of 1,3 million apps were available to download at Google Play (Android store) and 1,2 million in the Apple store (IOS). Hopefully, this will help you when deciding to choose your next cellphone as well as the password manager you wish to install.

The best

After you have downloaded the password manager, it will sit idle until you start browsing the web and need to access a website via a password. This could be your Gmail account FaceBook or Twitter. Once you enter the username and password, the manager will recognise the data and save it. In this manner, all your usernames and passwords will be saved over time.

A master password unlocks the manager, so you simply have to remember one password. The program will automatically fill in all other passwords, saving you a lot of time and effort .Visit PCMag for the top free password managers and Top word managers for the best password managers available for purchase.

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Personally, I like KeePass. It’s free and it’s a cross-platform app, which means it will work on your cellphone, and desktop or laptop.