Managing for Profit

Managing for Profit
'It's simple, really. The answer is computer technology, and an excellent analysis and understanding of the difference between fixed and variable cost.'
'You must know the difference between fixed and variable costs, and understand the vital concept of marginal cost and income… and it's really a piece of cake.'
'Here we were both speaking English, but without understanding each other. It's often like this in business too, and it's a mess.'
'A reasonably accurate crop estimate is an essential step in the annual management cycle... and with fruit we seem to get it hopelessly wrong...'
'If you're producing a food product that the bappies consider unpalatable, you're heading for trouble.'
'It's all about energy efficiency, which apart from saving the planet, saves the cash flow.
'Our economy from an emissions perspective is more inefficient than Poland, India and even the US.'Issue Date: 30 March 2007
'In every month this summer, evaporation has been much higher than the long-term average.'...Issue date:23 March 2007
'Without understanding the key words of accounting-speak, it's a bit like trying to read Greek.' Issue Date 16 March 2007
'Bookkeeping was a mystery … this gap in my education bedevilled my understanding of things financial for years.' Issue Date: 9 March 2007
"We simply have no choice but to learn the language and concepts to understand the business score." Issue Date: 23 February 2007


Agri interventions key to Ramaphosa’s economic stimulus package

Agri interventions key to Ramaphosa’s economic stimulus package

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that government has reprioritised funding towards an economic stimulus package that would focus on agriculture, among other sectors.

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