Cannabis cultivation summit set to empower SA’s industry

The Cheeba Cannabis Cultivation Summit will be a groundbreaking event aimed at fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation within the cannabis and hemp cultivation sector.

Cannabis cultivation summit set to empower SA’s industry
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The event will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on 22 March and promises to be a pivotal moment for South Africa’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

The Cheeba Cannabis Academy, Africa’s leading cannabis and hemp educator, has invited over 25 local and international speakers to the summit.

It will feature presentations, panel discussions, masterclasses and networking sessions, addressing crucial topics such as scaling up, offtakes, integrated pest management, nutrient protocols, landrace genetics, and more.

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Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts, connect with peers, and explore the latest advancements in cannabis and hemp cultivation.

The summit has collaborated with the Cannabis Expo and will take place at the same time in the same venue, adding a valuable business-to-business component and allowing guests from out of town to attend two events in one trip.

“We are excited to be collaborating with the expo team, who have contributed significantly to the cannabis industry over the past five years,” said Linda Siboto, director and co-founder of the Cheeba Cannabis Academy.

“The collaboration goes a long way in fostering a spirit of working together, something that is sadly lacking in the industry at the moment.”

Cannabis Expo director Sarah Howarth said: “We are really happy to be working with the Cheeba team, who have been at the forefront of cannabis and hemp education in Africa for many years. We have already been working with Cheeba to support our business-to-business content, so this collaboration is a powerful evolution of our relationship.”

For the past five years, Cheeba’s involvement in the cannabis and hemp industry has provided them with valuable insights into the industry ecosphere and they have recognised a crucial need for dedicated discussions focused on the cultivation aspect of the plant.

They have a strong belief that South Africa possesses the capacity to become a leading global cultivator; however, the absence of collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing poses a significant risk, potentially hindering South Africa from fully realising its immense potential.

The process of cultivating cannabis and hemp is inherently intricate. This complexity, combined with an evolving supply chain and the ever-changing dynamics of the global marketplace, introduces additional challenges to achieving success. These and other topics will be addressed at the summit.

The event is also amplified by two international event partners, namely C-Days (Cannabis Hub) from Barcelona in Spain, and Canna Trade from Switzerland, ensuring international exposure into the European marketplace.

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