Digital Summit on the Poultry Master Plan

FairPlay and Farmer’s Weekly hosted an informative discussion about the outlook for the South African poultry industry.

Digital Summit on the Poultry Master Plan
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The Poultry Master Plan, which the industry adopted nearly three years ago, is a bold and complex initiative to boost the local poultry industry’s competitive position, increase investment, create jobs, and curb dumping and illegal trade.

The discussion will feature industry representatives, government officials and labour. It will focus on the entire spectrum of the poultry and grain- value chains.

Join us, as we ask:

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  • Is the master plan working?
  • What progress has been made?
  • How is global instability affecting us?
  • Where to next?

This virtual summit is proudly hosted by the FairPlay movement and Farmer’s Weekly.




Janine Ryan

Janine Ryan is the editor of Farmer’s Weekly, South Africa’s leading English agricultural magazine. As a skilled researcher and writer, Janine is always up to date about agriculture in South Africa and the world.



Izaak Breitenbach 

Izaak Breitenbach is the General Manager of the Broiler Organisation at the South African Poultry Association. He has extensive experience in the agricultural sector and has served on numerous boards in South Africa and internationally. One of his core objectives as the GM of the Broiler Board is to create a climate in which the poultry industry can experience material growth.



 De Wet Boshoff

De Wet Boshoff is the Executive Director of the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association of South Africa (AFMA), which serves as the official industry representative body of the South African feed industry. He plays a leading and strategic role in supplying and supporting value chain partners (poultry, livestock and dairy) in the larger agricultural environment.


Vuka Chonco

Vuka Chonco is the Deputy Secretary General of the Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU). FAWU represents workers in the food processing industry in South Africa. The union has over 85,000 members and is an affiliate of the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU).



Donald MacKay

Donald Mackay is the founder of XA Global Trade Advisors. He provides global trade advice to clients and specialises in trade policy issues, such as customs duty changes and anti-dumping issues.


Amanda Mdodana

Amanda Mdodana has been a poultry farmer since 2019. She started with a few broilers and her operation has since grown to include a hatchery and layers. As a small farmer in the poultry sector, she is directly affected by the outcomes of the poultry sector master plan.


Francois Baird

Francois Baird is the founder of the FairPlay Movement. He is also the chairman of international communications consultancy Baird’s CMC. Through FairPlay, he hopes to apply the expertise and global networks built up over 30 years to make a practical, positive difference through advocacy.