FoodNext.Africa 2019

Now in its third series, FoodNext.Africa is dedicated to capturing the conversation around food disruption across the value chain, from farm to fork.

It is focused on creating sustainable food systems, new products, fortified innovative distribution models and the latest consumer adoption driving retail.

The event is curated around an agenda of critical debate, and hosted by business leaders and innovators providing insights into embracing market changes, scaling up new projects and meeting the rapidly evolving needs of consumers.

Featured sessions

  • Moving from sustainability to regeneration: Transforming a food system from agriculture to industry
  • Ingredient innovation: How is innovation driving ‘next-generation’ products within the food and beverage sector?
  • Food waste: How is innovation creating smart solutions?
  • What will food retail and delivery look like in 2030?
  • The future of snacking: What are consumers craving?
  • Gut health: Are fortified foods driving good digestive health?
  • The ‘Green Rush’: Is cannabis food’s next functional ingredient?

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Featured Speakers

  • Donovan Will, Director, ProVeg
  • Jessica Katlowitz, Registered Dietitian, The Green Dietitian
  • Nicola Jenkin, Director, Pinpoint Sustainability
  • Prof. Suzan Oelofse, Research Group Leader: Waste Department, CSIR
  • Prof. Olaniyi Amos Fawole, Senior Researcher: Postharvest Horticulture Research, SA Chair in Postharvest Technology, Department of Horticultural Science, University of Stellenbosch
  • Sanjeev Raghubir, Group Sustainability Manager, Shoprite & Checkers
  • Sam Smout, Waste Sector Desk Analyst, Green Cape
  • Peter Daniel, Director, Superfoods
  • Paul Simon, Founder & CEO, Uber Flavour
  • Dr. Harris Steinman, Medical Doctor, Food & Allergy Consulting & Testing Services

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