The stage is set for the 2022 ARC National Beef Performers Awards

The National Beef Performers Awards, presented by the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), is set to take place virtually on 23 November 2022.

The stage is set for the 2022 ARC National Beef Performers Awards
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The awards recognise the innovation and excellence demonstrated by South African beef cattle producers that keep the national herd in top form.

The awards will showcase outstanding performance in seven categories, measuring a range of reproductive and breeding values.

ARC National Best Elite Cow Awards, sponsored by Farmer’s Weekly

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This category promotes the top beef cows in South Africa. These cows must possess extraordinary reproduction figures and boast excellence in traits such as maternal ability and pre-weaning growth weight, amongst others. While all beef cattle breeds can enter this category, only one cow per breed is selected as the winner. The 2022 awards received many nominations, but only 22 cows will be awarded the title of ARC National Best Elite Cow.

ARC National Platinum Bull Awards, sponsored by GMP Basic

While this category does not consider only one bull per breed, the criteria for bulls to qualify are extensive. A bull must have received a Gold Merit certificate upon completion of an ARC Phase C test, and its dam must be an Elite Cow and have received this status during the year in which the bull received its Gold Merit. Six bulls will be awarded the title this year.

ARC National KyD Province of the Year Award, sponsored by Molatek

The Kaonafatso ya Dikgomo Province of the Year Award aims to give recognition to the three provinces with the highest number of producers registered on the national database INTERGIS, and are participating in the KyD scheme.

ARC National Kaonafatso ya Dikgomo Farmer of the Year Award, sponsored by Plaas Media

This award has been presented for 19 years, and this year celebrates two decades of being a fully-fledged category in the ARC National Beef Performers Awards. In this category, nine aspiring commercial farmers, one from each province, are nominated as finalists. Criteria for this category considers aspects such as the keeping of performance and management records. Out of the nine finalists, only one will be named the KyD Farmer of the Year.

ARC National Mentor of the Year Award, sponsored by Molatek

This is a well-known category, and its purpose is to acknowledge producers who lead by example. These producers mentor fellow farmers and share their knowledge and experience to help others enhance their productivity and sustainability.

ARC National Special Performance Test Class Awards, sponsored by Plaas Media

This category has been presented for more than 40 years. Its purpose is to recognise the exceptional performance traits of bulls in various beef cattle breeds. One bull per breed is selected based on gold and silver merit certificates awarded after the completion of a standardised Phase C growth test under the auspices of the National Beef Recording and Improvement Scheme. The criteria take into consideration more than just performance; it also lauds functional efficiency. Twelve bulls will be awarded this coveted title during this year’s awards ceremony.

ARC National Beef Cattle Improvement Herd of the Year Award, sponsored by Plaas Media

This category considers overall herd management, community and industry involvement, as well as advocacy for the beef production industry. Producers who enter this category must subscribe to a certain set of criteria, which include herd performance and reproduction, participation and implementation of performance testing, cow efficiency, completeness of performance records, cow herd size, calving performance, genetic trends, and the application of modern scientific breeding techniques. This year, there are six finalists, one of which will be presented with the title.