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A selection of Fynbos Fine Foods products.

Export success for Western Cape chilli exporters

Fynbos Fine Foods, owned by chilli lovers Rozelle and Julian Abramson, has grown from a small business to a prosperous product development and food production business. The operation’s chilli products...
US poultry imports – the facts

US poultry imports – the facts

Much controversy has surrounded South Africa’s poultry imports from the US. Freelance journalist, Peter Fabricius, examines this thorny issue and attempts to clarify some misconceptions.

Macadamia partnership turns communities into business owners

Mkululi Pakade, director of East Cape Macadamia, has devised a business model that positions the Eastern Cape’s local communities firmly within the macadamia industry.

How biorefineries can add value to forestry waste

With South African forestry currently recovering an average of only 47% of its potential timber yield for economic benefit, the industry is ripe for the widespread adoption of value-adding biorefinery...

A guide to trademarks, patents and plant breeders’ rights

The use of trademarks, patents and plant breeders’ rights can make an agricultural business more competitive locally and internationally. Gerhard Uys spoke to David Cochrane and Madelein Kleyn about the...
Hives have to be inspected regularly to ensure that bees perform optimally.

Beekeepers success with only 100 hives

Phirdy Motala, owner of Farmyard Honey Factory, says that innovation and creativity are crucial for the success of small-scale beekeepers. Her business approach has resulted in a flourishing operation, and...

Snail farming: making good use of a small space

Stanley and Heather Micallef began by growing snails in an open-air paddock. Earlier this year, they changed to a climate-controlled set-up, which has enabled them to increase production significantly. Snail...

Marketing to SA’s changing black middle-class consumers

Changes in consumers’ priorities, and the growth of South Africa’s black middle class, make it crucial for agribusinesses to re-evaluate their approach to food production, sales and marketing. Prof John...

Mussel farming on the West Coast

Imbaza Mussels in Saldanha Bay is one of the country’s largest mussel farms and a successful empowerment project. The farm’s entire production is marketed in SA.

How to export your fresh produce into Asia and Africa

Africa and Asia offer much allure for South African fresh produce exporters. But this country’s farmers must do their homework well before they plunge into these markets. Wilma den Hartigh...

Was this the worst year ever for SA’s pork producers?

The recent drought has pushed the price of pig feed sky-high, and SA pork producers are reeling as a result. Unfortunately, it will be at least six months before conditions...

How a business investment became a farming passion

As new entrants to South Africa’s feedlot industry, entrepreneurial husband-and-wife team, Mochele and Rosemary Noge of Emfuleni Voerkrale, soon found that the key to success in this highly competitive business...


SA expected to regain net maize export status

It is expected that South Africa will regain its status as a net exporter of maize with the second biggest maize crop on record since 1980, forecast for this season.

Dealing with eelworm

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