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Smallholdings and plots abound in the Rustenburg-Brits district in North West, and the weekly turnover in land sales in the area often exceeds half-a-dozen. The scenic environment is particularly attractive to townsfolk yearning for a small place in the countryside. The details of a number of recent deals listed below provide a clear indication of the high land values; in the first example, a property of 7ha changed hands for nearly R16 million. Many of the smaller farms are used for lucrative market gardening, producing sweetcorn and other vegetables and fruit. Large herds of beef cattle are found on many farms in the area bordering Botswana.

North West

Rustenburg – Brits
  • Zilkaatsnek (7ha) sold by Isak Bekker to Ruach Properties for R15,95 million.
  • Tweerivier (44ha) sold by Johannes Ellis to Lubbe Trust for R1,5 million.
  • Moedwil (270ha) sold by Aletha Wagner to Goldenspot Trading for R2,5 million.
  • Roodekopjes (2ha portion) sold by Johan Halliday to John Murphy for R2,68 million.
  • Zwartkop (522ha) sold by Cardio-Fitness Properties to Nokana Farms for R13,22 million.
  • Kalkheuvel (8ha portion) sold by Hubert Brody to Gerhard Overbeek for R1 million.
  • Hartebeestpoort (238ha portion) sold by Emerald Properties to Rothmann Trust for R4 million.
Terra Firma
  • Ventersrust (4 496ha) sold by Today Farming to Kwagga Ballito Trust for R20,24 million.
Taung – Pudimoe
  • Lockerbie (240ha) sold by Johan Haasbroek to Bosryk Brahman Stud for R1,68 million.
  • sold by Hendrik Scholtz to Letisilabelung Farming for R4,7 million.
Delareyville – Migdol
  • Stormlaagte (112ha) sold by Theron Trust to Tweede-Ronde Investments for R1 million.
  • Stroppan (904ha) sold by Stroptop Trust to Nico de Klerk for R2,7 million.

Western Cape


  • Rooilandia (1 112ha) sold by Du Toit Trust to Korhaanhoogte Properties for R4,56 million.
  • Boschberg (1 358ha) sold by Gert Mathee to Gerrie Mathee Trust for R10 million.
  • Roodeheuvel (46ha) sold by DSW Farming to Kumquat Ltd for R1,93 million.
  • Stagmanskop (192ha) sold by Stagmanskop CC to Stagmanskop Vrugte for R9 million.
  • Sandfonteyn (133ha) sold by Bieto Trust to Nicobus Farming for R12 million.
  • Breedevlei (258ha) sold by Visser Trust to Breedevlei Ondernemings for R6 million.
  • Ganskop (128ha) sold by Gert Oosthuizen to Johan le Grange for R256 000.
  • Buffelsdrift (86ha) sold by Linda Howson to Gavin Visser for R1,8 million.
  • Grootrivier (232ha) sold by Dina Nel to Stefanus van Schalkwyk for R1,2 million.


  • Kaalplaats (32ha) sold by Mynette Steele to Umcebo Mining for R11,15 million.
  • Boschpoort (503ha) sold by Christoffel Lambrechts to Toys Farming for R7,4 million.
  • Klipplaatdrift (174ha portion) sold by Leon Jacobs for R3,2 million, plus a 210ha portion sold by Carina Heyl Ltd for R2,15 million, both to Twin Fountains Investments.
  • Roodepoort (410ha) sold by Loop-en-Staan Investments to Gideon Anderson for R11,8 million.
  • Bankfontein (25ha) sold by Christina Bouwer to Philippus van der Merwe for R1,5 million.
  • Roodepoortje (458ha) sold by Jacob Cloete to Siro Estate for R7 million.
  • Wonderboom (2 118ha) sold by Daniel de Beer to Helsam Ltdfor R25,5 million.
Ermelo – Bethal
  • Bankhoek (178ha) sold by Jocawa Investments to Johan van Vuuren for R5,2 million.
  • for R1,8 million.
Carolina – Lothair
  • Witbank (1 066ha portion) sold by Xstrata South Africa to Msobo Coal for R40,64 million.
  • Schimmelhoek (480ha) sold by Centennial Trading to Jaco Grobler Trust for R2 million.
  • Kolwani (818ha portion) sold by Schalk van Oudtshoorn for R10 million, plus a 1 226ha portion sold by Elandspruit Trust for 17 million, both to Klein Vrystaat Farming.
  • Kranspan (190ha) sold by Linda Horn to Gert van Coller for R2 million.
  • Nooitgedacht (266ha) sold by Buffalo Valley Farms to Kalkkloof Game Lodge for R3 million.

Eastern Cape

  • Rosendal (56ha) sold by Cedric Marais to Thembelani Waai for R680 000.
  • Farm 207 (266ha) sold by Siegfriedt Vermaak to Leon Leonard Trust for R1,36 million.
  • Campherspoort and Camphersberg (totalling 1 844ha) sold by Fourie Brothers Farming to Meiring Trust for R4,58 million.
  • Farm 437 (lha portion) sold by Paul Wood to Elsabe du Plooy for R2,6 million.
Somerset East
  • Samsonskloof and Rietkloof (totalling 795ha) sold by Daniel Erasmus to Loskop Trust for R2,75 million.
  • Nooitgedacht (142ha) sold by Zinceba Mhambi to Nkokeli Mdodana for R780 000.
  • Spitskop (468ha) sold by Waters Trust to Kotie Vorster for R3,1 million.
  • Gedultsrivier (12ha) sold by Johannes Bester to Willem Jonck for R1,2 million.
  • Selborne and Richardson (totalling 57ha) sold by Sonnette Hurter to Ginkel Venter Trust for R2,8 million.

Northern Cape

  • Smitsrust (1 360ha) sold by Aletta Ehlers to Janfrancomar Properties for R3,6 million.
  • Tafelberg (1 036ha) sold by Waldomar Stander to Amelia van Tonder for R3 million.
  • Mier (402ha portion) sold by Daniel Mouton to Amonate Magou CC for R763 000.
  • Farm 266 (2 614ha) sold by Michiel van der Walt to Moitype Ltd for R7 million.
  • Carter Block (2 388ha) sold by Wynand de Jager to Kameeldoorn Farming for R6,8 million.

Free State

  • Andriesfontein (465ha) sold by Cairo Trust to Haggard Trust for R4,5 million.
  • Kromellenboog (428ha) sold by Susanna van Vuuren to Kotzé Trust for R6,75 million.
  • Rusplaas (22ha) sold by Vaalrus Ltd to Van der Merwe Investments for R1,1 million.
  • Klipkop, Denemarken and Goedgelegen (totalling 498ha) sold by Cornelius Botha to Gilbert Pretorius for R2,6 million.
  • Kleinfontein (181ha) sold by Johannes Strauss to Manser Farming for R1 million.
  • Georgina (25ha) sold by Catherine Cilliers to Metropolitan Trust for R1,5 million.
  • (9ha plot) sold by Hoffland Trust to Onthatile Balatseng for R600 000.
  • Karreerand (856ha) sold by Daniel Jacobs to Bestersput Trust for R5,14 million.
  • Hope Valley (82ha) sold by BSB Trust to Karee Trust for R1,4 million.
  • Wolvenkop (86ha) sold by Toscana Trust to MN Trust for R1,68 million.
  • Driekuilen (314ha) sold by unnamed seller to Neels Meyer Trust for R4,56 million.
  • Gunsvlakte (445ha) sold by Eksteen Trust to Louwrens Potgieter for R8,9 million.
  • Jannie (260ha) sold by Jacobus Hesselman for R4,16 million, as well as Trafford, Blackmoor and Malherbespan (totalling 408ha) sold by Barend Claassen for R3,6 million, all to Klongcor Farming.
  • Maldeel (292ha) sold by Makspro Ltd to Biotrace Trading for R5,5 million.
  • (206ha) sold by Stephanus du Plessis to Jaun van Rooyen for R1,9 million.


Dundee – Glencoe
  • Kweekspruit and portion Uitkomst (totalling 1 224ha) sold by Vaalbank Estate for R7,18 million, plus Uitkomst (516ha portion) sold by Vaalbank Trust for R2,4 million, all to Saidy Farming.
  • Mooihoek (554ha) sold by Hendrik Davel to Wild Bens Ltd for R5,85 million.
  • Beverley (25ha portion) sold by Starr Post Trust to Molyneaux Trust for R2,8 million.
  • Howard (23ha) sold by Iain Stevenson to Robert Pickering for R2,7 million.
  • Grasmere (23ha) sold by Brian Nicholetts to Ian Lynn for R2,8 million.
Mkuzi – Golela
  • Mkuzi South (8ha portion) sold by Johannes Meyer to Zinyati Investments for R1,5 million.
Ladysmith – Colenso
  • Pooteneas Spruit (162ha) sold by Shelfnel Ltd to Johannes Potgieter for R1,1 million.
  • Wagendrift (183ha) sold by Carl Maree to Ingopro Ltd for R400 000.


  • Vraaiuitzicht (698ha) sold by Diepkloof Trust to Country Life Holidays for R4 million.
  • Honingnestkrans (372ha) sold by Anne Claassen to JP Estate for R1,4 million.
  • Goedevooruitzicht and Mooiplaats (totalling 1 678ha) sold by Willem Smith to Mabelane Community for R20,61 million.
  • Tweestroom (1 402ha) sold by Tweestroom Trust to Marjo-Anto Farming for R10,6 million.
  • Somerset (668ha) sold by Frikkie Bronkhorst Trust to Herholdt Trust for R6,7 million.
  • Hartbeestkopje (302ha) sold by Robert Denton to Eskom Holdings for R7,8 million.
  • Wildebeestlaagte (11ha portion) sold by Dorsland Development to Johann de Lange for R185 000.
  • Schurfbankshoek (696ha) sold by Coetzer Trust to Machiel Hennop for R5,5 million.
  • Wentzel (121ha portion) sold by Botha Trust to Ouhoek Trust for R1,32 million, as well as a 795ha portion to Stefan Pretorius Trust for R6,9 milliom.
  • Fauresmith (566ha) sold by Buttonwood Trading to Edge Plant Hire CC for R4,3 million.


  • Vlakfontein (206ha) sold by Jacobus Hooghiemstra to Marico Valley Stud for R2,58 million.
  • Zandspruit (5ha portion) sold by Lomazest Ltd to Ntshengedzeni Mathaga for R500 000.
  • Oorbietjesfontein (9ha plot) sold by Fahmida Moolla to Shafaat Trading for R900 000.
  • Grootspruit (180ha) sold by Johan Muller to Carido CC for R2 million.
  • Klipfonten (16ha) sold by New Canada Developments to Lord Trust Developers for R20,52 million.
  • Boschkop (11ha portion) sold by Johanna van der Merwe to Posthumus Investments for R1,25 million.
  • Hartebeestfontein (22ha portion) sold by Magdalena Breet to Susanne Hasenkam for R2,61 million.
  • Onbekend (43ha) sold by Evangelisasie Veldtogte to Enterprise Projects for R2,75 million.
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