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Clanwilliam in the Western Cape lies between the western slopes of the Cederberg mountains and the east bank of the Olifants River, site of the Clanwilliam Dam. The topography ranges from dry Karoo-like landscapes to the wetter vlei areas of the Oliphants. Rooibos, grapes and fruit are the main crops, along with proteas and other fynbos. The summers are very hot and dry, while the winters are wet and cold. Average rainfall in the valley is less than 700mm. The town itself is the centre of the Cedarberg’s Rooibos industry.


  • Langevalley (1 080ha) sold by Coenraad Carstens to Gideon Carstens for R1 million.
  • Unnamed farm (16ha portion) sold by Zephyr Project to McGregor Enterprises for R3 million.
  • Diepe Kloof (6ha portion) sold by Clifford Green to Armin Siegenthaler for R2,8 million.
  • Farm 33937 (767ha) sold by Mike Muller Trust to Mastella Investments for R6 million.


East London
  • Seven plots (totalling 72ha) sold by Coenraad Nel to Russell Domoney for R1 600, plus seven plots (totalling 72ha) to Anne Hagen for R1 600.
  • Farm 695 (23ha) sold by Joan McQuirk to Janice Mattheus for R1,8 million.
  • Farm 439 (178ha) sold by Kevan Andrews to Amy Partovi for R2,2 million.
  • Farm 1057 (63ha) sold by Tradezilla Ltd to Wild Break Ltd for R2,45 million.
  • The Happy Valley (2 754ha) sold by Robert Hart to Hopewell Farm Trust for R13,04 million.
  • Lange Doorns (86ha) sold by Anton Kok to Awknat Trust for R600 000.
  • Flamingo Vlei (5 828ha) sold by Daniel Jacobs to Elda Trust for R4 million.
  • Rietpoort (2 348ha) sold by Philippus Marais to Louw Trust for R2,92 million.
  • Bethesda (7ha portion) sold by Johannes de Jager to Hendrik van der Merwe for R625 000.
  • Trooilaps Pan (2 367ha) sold by Jacobus Spangenberg to Future Labour Solutions CC for R4,14 million.


  • Bronkhorstfontein (13ha portion) sold by Kusasa Commodities to Benjan Farming for R57 000.
  • Delmas (2ha portion) sold by Continental Mills to Andfin Trading for R150 000.
  • Doornkuil (9ha plot) sold by Elaine Nienaber to Charl Schwarz for R150 000.
  • Doornkop (186ha) sold by SA National Roads Agency to Kruger Trust for R2,14 million.
  • Rietfontein (7ha portion) sold by Quili-Mark Services to Bredell Holding for R2,35 million.
  • Rietspruit (9ha plot) sold by Deon Swanepoel to Greenfields Gardens for R1,5 million.
  • Doornkloof (3ha portion) sold by Servizone Investments to Archstone Construction for R2,9 million; and a 2ha portion sold by Nebar CC to Civbuild Construction for R1,4 million.
  • Fastfontein (10ha portion) sold by Herman Kruger to Jaco de Goede for R800 000; and a 9ha portion sold by Mark Boyle to Sindiswe Xulu for R1,7 million.
  • Lusthof (12ha) sold by Wentzel Laubscher to Johan Saaiman for R400 000.
  • Farm 50100 (69ha) sold by Sarel van Rensburg to Shepene Investments for R1,35 million.
  • Knopjeslaagte (5ha portion) sold by Safdev Holdings to Business Venture Investments for R1,1 million.
  • Boveneind (22ha) sold by Nowitz Investments to Nicolaas Esterhuizen for R1,55 million.


  • Commandodrift (795ha) sold by Cecilia Smit to Smut Trust for R1,2 million.
  • Varspan (5ha portion) sold by David Naudé to Levina Whittaker for R53 000.
  • Content (325ha) sold by Jaco Diedericks Trust to Riaan Diedericks for R2,2 million.
  • Ruste Maria (6ha portion) sold by Arena Properties to SA National Roads Agency for R6 000.
  • Biesiebult (562ha) sold by Johan Breytenbach Trust to Biesiebult Trust for R4 million.
  • Rooiplaat (565ha) sold by Abel Roodt to Le Grange Farming for R1,5 million.
Vrede – Warden
  • Palmietfontein and Zoetfontein (totalling 308ha) sold by Johan van der Watt to Arbeidskroon Trust for R3,6 million.
  • Schilpadfontein (27ha) sold by Rina van der Westhuizen to Hendrik Bosse for R570 000.
  • Farm 526 (402ha) sold by Elsebe van Zyl to Kanskrans Ltd for R1,25 million.
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