Farm prices

The maize district

The Viljoenskroon district lies in the heart of South Africa’s maize-producing region. The town itself, located about halfway between Potchefstroom and Bothaville in the northern Free State, was laid out in 1921 on the farm Mahemskuil and became a municipality in 1925. It was named after the farm’s original owner JJ Viljoen and his horse Kroon. Apart from maize, substantial amounts of several other grains, including groundnuts, are produced, while cattle and sheep are raised in large numbers. Farming generally is prosperous and land values are often well above the average provincial level, as will be noted below.


  • Deed 4626 (2ha portion) sold by Shelly Dorfling to Spence Trust for R1,5 million.
  • Deed 4984 (14ha) sold by Christina Crous to Matthys Brink for R379 000.
  • Deed 4992 (2ha portion) sold by Arbeidsethos Trust to Shylock Trust for R250 000.
  • Deed 5394 (1 085ha) sold by Dirk Klok to Heyman Trust for R4 million.
  • Four farms (totalling 2 736ha) sold by Arnold Rabie for R8 million, plus two farms (totalling 2 742ha) sold by Petronella van Blerk for R6,6 million, all to Berdanco Trust.
  • Deed 4959 (17ha) sold by Die Eiland Klub Properties to Moipone Coal for R4,58 million.
  • Deed 5050 (22ha) sold by Adriana Schutte to Henriëtte Schutte for R2,1 million.
  • Deed 5412 (188ha) sold by Jaap Skat Trust to Hecter van der Westhuizen for R1,41 million.
  • Deed 4458 (26ha) sold by Ntsu Trading to Pumeleng Matlhoane for R400 000.
  • Deed 4614 (86ha) sold by Hestony Holdings to Michael van Niekerk for R1,7 million.
  • Deed 5031 (5ha portion) sold by Hugo Trust to Elizabeth Venter for R1,3 million.
  • Deed 5214 (260ha) sold by Richter Estate to Manrotrade Seventeen for R500 000, plus Deed 4234 (658ha) to Martha Lourens for R2,8 million. 
  • Deed 5307 (6ha portion) sold by Bevan Williams to Gertruida Hiscock for R420 000.
  • Deed 5325 (357ha) sold by Tochgekregen Trust to Diau Mosia for R3 million.
  • Deed 5326 (9ha plot) sold by Odelia Bateman to Jacques Loots for R2,44 million.
  • Deed 4770 (688ha) sold by Lekkerlewe Trust to Chris Botha Trust for R16,22 million.
  • Deed 5084 (490ha) sold by Grace-Mercy Trust to Wonderheuvel Trust for R3,16 million.
  • Deed 5217 (9ha plot) sold by Goldfields Services to Frederik Vogel for R58 000.
  • Deed 5316 (128ha) sold by Klaas Goudriaan Trust to Ian Trust for R750 000.
  • Deed 4598 (7ha portion) sold by Dovetrail Trading to Cactus Water Investments for R2,09 million.


  • Deed 30911 (41ha) sold by Dawid Pieterse to  Zane Gilchrist for R700 000.
  • Deed 31701 (262ha) sold by Njalasrus Farming to Bronze Amber Trading for R550 000.
  • Deed 31887 (42ha) sold by Kruger Farming to Vaalbos Trust for R1,1 million.
  • Deed 32635 (124ha) sold by unnamed seller to Hermanus Botha for R2,4 million.
  • Deed 35187 (110ha) sold by Elzak Trust to De Villiers Trust for R1,35 million.
Carolina – Lothair
  • Deed 7034 (222ha) sold by Van Aardt Trust to Kleinbegin Trust for R2 million.
  • Deed 7060 (14ha) sold by Swartberg Motorworks to Jane Nkosi for R1,1 million.
  • Deed 7125 (65ha) sold by Johannes Saaiman to Grobler Trust for R700 000.
  • Deed 7535 (687ha) sold by B&R Trust to Norman Creydt Trust for R14 million.

Western Cape

  • Deed 22763 (6ha portion) sold by Patrick Lowe to Erica Beck for R499 000.
  • Deed 25648 (3ha portion) sold by David van der Spuy to Muhammad Sayed for R850 000.
  • Deed 26833 (88ha) sold by Assegaaybosch Ranch to Isak Gelderblom Trust for R150 000.
  • Deed 23166 (15ha) sold by Elmarie Constandius to André von Molendorff for R1 million.
  • Deed 23963 (50ha) sold by Peter Kleinhans to Quintus van Staden for R1,2 million.
  • Deed 24691 (38ha) sold by Roux Trust to Frederick Smit for R700 000.
  • Deed 25469 (136ha) sold by Harmse Investments to John Thornley for R4,66 million.
Mossel Bay
  • Deed 26022 (17ha) sold by Johann Fourie to Henriette van de Vyver for R414 000.
  • Deed 26697 (24ha) sold by Alda Cupido to Nellis Frans for R300 000.
  • Deed 25050 (6ha portion) sold by Schoonoord Ltd to Klein Knolfontein Ltd for R20 000, and Deed 25052 (70ha portion) to Meerlus Trust for R4 million.
  • Deed 25870 (42ha) sold by Les Montagnes Winefarm to Immelwade Investments for R11,4 million.
  • Deed 23276 (4ha portion) sold by Moira Redmond to Barrington Gurney for R1,97 million.
Cape Town
  • Deed 22095 (8ha portion) sold by Lodewickus Botes to Lodewyk Moller for R600 000.

Eastern Cape

  • Deed 21942 (194ha) sold by Michael Beaurain to Sanita Branford for R3,5 million.
  • Deed 22480 (40ha) sold by BZ Trust to William Williams for R6,85 million.
  • Deed 23170 (9ha plot) sold by Joachim Scholtz to Eikehof Farming for R450 000.
  • Deed 24435 (434ha) sold by Cathcart-Road View to St Francis Riviera for R8,15 million.
  • Deed 2570 (8ha portion) sold by SJJMC Properties to Kitty Phillips for R450 000.
  • Deed 1858 (268ha) sold by Zaola Altschul to Valencia Trust for R900 000.
  • Deed 26220 (1 683ha) sold by HPI Properties to Cornelis Uys for R4,38 million.
Aliwal North
  • Deed 24208 (87ha) sold by Adriaan van Wyk to Mosa Likobo for R1,35 million.
  • Deed 23120 (1 634ha) sold by Albertus Geldenhuis to Doringkuil Farming for R8,34 million.

Northern Cape

  • Deed 711 (1 666ha) sold by Elwida Trust to Loskop Game Farms for R9,2 million.
Barkly West
  • Deed 726 (2ha portion) sold by Johanna Lewis to Maria Seaman for R650 000.


Groblersdal –Marble Hall
  • Deed 35830 (30ha) sold by Gerhardus de Beer to Adri Malan Trust for R1,5 million.
  • Deed 35913 (613ha) sold by AWA Farming to QCK Properties for R5,2 million.
  • Deed 34021 (3ha portion) sold by Samuel Hamer to Lucas Pieterse for R500 000.
  • Deed 37789 (9ha portion) sold by Pieter de la Rey to Jan Venter for R994 000.
  • Deed 37411 (828ha) sold by Izak Prinsloo to Lekker Leef Investments for R10,56 million.
Louis Trichardt –Alldays
  • Deed 37045 (461ha) sold by Nico Fourie for R1,2 million, as well as Deed 37046 (450ha) sold by Siarra Ltd for R3,3 million, both to Libert Trust.
  • Four 9ha plots sold: one by Joe Albrecht to Wickus van der Westhuizen for R150 000; one by Gert Roos to Llewellyn van der Westhuizen for R260 000; one by Deon Harmse to Nerita Coetzee for R430 000; and one by John Raubenheimer to Jacobus Grobler for R340 000.
  • Deed 37634 (2ha portion) sold by Sparax Trading to Deadline Investments for R165 000.
  • Deed 31377 (10ha portion) sold by Marthinus Koorts to David Smith for R3,2 million.
  • Deed 31659 (4ha portion) sold by John Hawthorne to Apostolic Faith Mission for R800 000
  • Deed 31765 (211ha) sold by Martin van der Merwe to Freddy Sedibe for R950 000.


  • Deed 31869 (19ha) sold by LSA Minerals to Xstrata SA Ltd for R800 000.
  • Deed 32076 (18ha) sold by Gordon Hayward to Darponwan Developers for R2,7 million.
  • Deed 32702 (9ha plot) sold by Jacobus de Klerk to Quick Leap Investments for R2,8 million.
  • Deed 25811 (20ha) sold by Jacob de Beer to Kobus Engelbrecht Trust for R2,06 million.
  • Deed 25685 (115ha) sold by Braak Deel Farming to GHB Farms for R7,03 million.
  • Deed 26244 (385ha) sold by Eugene Campher to Black Royalty Minerals for R2,58 million.
  • Deed 26501 (22ha) sold by Petra Maritz to Andries Joubert for R450 000.
  • Deed 26150 (10ha) sold by Izak Maritz to Brechtje Swart for R1,6 million.
  • Deed 27572 (9ha plot) sold by Lysette Guest to Jacques Pelser for R1,5 million.
  • Deed 27690 (22ha) sold by Ronnie Niezen to Siebrits Consulting for R800 000.
  • Deed 28673 (22ha) sold by Isabella Fourie to Johannes Henning for R700 000.
  • Deed 28885 (9ha plot) sold by Stephanus Pretorius to Molotsi Molefi for R1,3 million.


Ladysmith – Colenso
  • Deed 14349 (339ha) sold by Verzethoek CC to Riverlands Trust for R14,45 million.
  • Deed 15192 (651ha) sold by Kingfarm Estates to The Arde Trust for R6,5 million.
  • Deed 5531 (170ha) sold by Granary Normandien Ltd to Philippus Potgieter for R2,2 million, plus Deed 15532 (149ha) to Onsdeel Farming for R1,6 million, and Deed 15533 (382ha) to Smit Transport Brokers for R5 million.
  • Deed 15872 (18ha) sold by Andrew Paterson to Motane Community for R105 000. 
  • Deed 17192 (38ha) sold by Naomi Jelliman to Jelliman Trust for R2,06 million.
Empangeni – Richards Bay
  • Deed 16744 (9ha plot) sold by Ernest Stone to Brian Harrison for R1,32 million.

North West

  • Deed 31493 (18ha) sold by Morning Tide Investments to Hazel Hues Trading for R29,93 million.
  • Deed 31640 (361ha) sold by Dawid Kruger Trust to Rindveldt Properties for R5,7 million.
  • Deed 34532 (57ha) sold by Andries Nell to Refilwe Nzeleni for R980 000.
  • Deed 35501 (17ha) sold by Amanda van Eeden to Danie van Heerden for R630 000.
  • Deed 36375 (5ha portion) sold by Murray & Roberts to Rocla Ltd for R28,02 million.
  • Deed 37916 (406ha) sold by De Vries estate to Leon Spies for R5,27 million.
Vorstershoop – Tosca
  • Deed 1002 (1 482ha) sold by Gerhard Taljaard to national government for R10,5 million.
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