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A bittersweet childhood memory turned into seven years of an inspiring and challenging journey.

Lack of land

Human settlement and lack of accountability threaten the availability of land in Kgabalatsane.
It took three deaths before a North West municipality prioritised an ongoing issue. It was solved in a day.

Plough for more

Dutch agricultural exports reached record levels in 2015, according to the Netherlands national statistics office, CBS. 
Foresters and other land managers in SA can update their knowledge and skills on fighting wildfires with the newly released second edition of the Fire Manager’s Handbook on Veld and...
Farmers must ensure their drivers have valid drivers’ licences before they employ them or the law will take its course.
The uptake of technology could assist smallholders in increasing production, and governments needed to invest in technologies that could boost smallholder production.
Agricultural Writers SA: North announced its provincial candidates for the organisation’s national farmer of the year, new entrant commercial farmer and agriculturalist for 2015 earlier this month.
The weaker rand and higher international milk prices have resulted in increased milk exports.
American missionaries Ronnie and Janet Vehorn travelled to South Africa to preach to the Xhosa. Now they've fulfilled their dream of establishing the Eastern Cape's first wine estate along the...
Marieta Groenewald from Clocolan in the Free State is driven by her passion for children. She believes the future of our country lies in the hands of the younger generations....
Dr Christo Marais, chief director of natural resource management programmes at the Department of Environmental Affairs, spoke to Roelof Bezuidenhout about challenges and opportunities in the sector.
Illovo’s Ubombo mill in Swaziland is a showcase of successful electricity co-generation from bagasse. It has increased sugar production in that country and demonstrated that the process is affordable and...
A year ago, Minister Joemat-Pettersson said that progress in agriculture needed encouragement and smallholder farmers must be placed at the centre of rural economies. How then could government allow the...
Rangers fighting against rhino poachers in South Africa have been issued with a powerful new weapon: dogs. The breeds chosen have extreme scenting ability, and have already succeeded in tracking...
Chris and his associates invited me to see the proposed additions to their present development. I must say the waterfall site is one of a kind.
Dear Jonno I recently purchased an 8ha smallholding on which I plan to grow macadamias. The building on the property is not worth repairing, so I would prefer to build...

Plan your roof space

Daleen & Hennie from Lydenburg wrote in response to a house design in Farmer’s Weekly on 21 September 2012.
This began as ‘nursery food’ designed to motivate picky eaters. Today, it is a non-age-specific staple in our family, giving new life to potatoes and their poor relations, sweet potatoes.
While there are some folk, this backwoods cook amongst them, who regard plain vanilla ice cream as an eternal miracle of fine dining, other more sophisticated diners have requested a...

More than meets the eye?

What has happened to the police force that is supposed to prevent and combat crime and protect the community, asks Abré J Steyn.

Should I insure my horse?

Equine insurance policies now cover far more than just reimbursement of costs when a horse dies. Considering what can go wrong, it may well be worth paying for these options,...

SAMDPR final results

The final race of the 17th SA Million Dollar Pigeon Race saw results based on the quality and fitness of the top pigeons on the day, says Thomas Smit.
New zoning regulations to protect riverine biodiversity take aim at aquaculture. But they may harm the industry – and still be ineffective.
The weekend’s newspapers were littered with political stories dealing with the ruling party’s leadership battle.

The Brangus Kings

Barry King of Bottelgat Brangus is the father of Farmer’s Weekly cover girl Meggan King. In 2010 he and his son Llwelleyn won the Brangus Breeder of the Year award...
Identifying and preventing botulism and tetanus.
From humble beginnings, Walter Williams has grown a business that today has three farms as well as a fruit packing business in the Ceres Valley. He spoke to Denene Erasmus...

Too much regulation?

Some pundits maintain that our fresh produce markets are over-regulated. I confess that I cannot make up my mind on the issue.

Watermelons get cute

I've borrowed the information in this week's column from the New York Times newspaper of 17 August 2010 - I thought you might find it interesting.
The move to stock ‘almost perfect’ fruit and vegetables has for many years been an obsession in supermarkets abroad.
Management of the potato crop after planting depends on various factors. One is weed control. The procedure you use will depend on what sort of weeds you can expect in...

Doing it ourselves

Many of us are quick to find fault in the business sector where we operate, but we’re slow to implement changes.

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