Helping livestock farmers control data on the farm

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In order to lower production costs and become more efficient, farmers need to track and keep records of their animals. This is where the Farm4Trade app comes in.

Helping livestock farmers control data on the farm
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Around the world, software technologies ease the process of data gathering in most agricultural enterprises. State-of-the-art commercial farms apply complex software that helps track individual performance of every animal, from birth to culling.

Data tracking and analysis applications aid in gathering data, optimising animal feeding, improving overall economic performance and increasing the qualitative standard of their products.

The adoption of such tools for local producers would reinforce control over smaller farms, to optimise productivity and quality of their food products. As an added bonus, it is a way to self-regulate quality.

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The problem for small- and medium-sized farmers is that these technologies are far from reach. They are costly, complex to maintain, have a high learning curve and are not very user-friendly. Another inconvenient factor is that these programs are bound to desktop software.

Smaller-scale food producers are the foundation of our food systems. We all depend on them for supplying resources for the supply chain and its different processing phases. These farmers deserve the ability to efficiently track animal data and monitor farm productivity at an affordable cost. 

Introducing the Farm4Trade Farm Management App

Now with the Farm4Trade Farm Management App, smaller-scale breeders and farmers can also benefit from data recording and data keeping in order to improve their competitiveness and strength on the market with a top-quality, more user-friendly app and the simplicity of a smartphone!

In order to help farmers improve productivity tracking, Farm4Trade offers its farm management app for farmers to keep track of every phase in the life of an animal and the events the animal may experience.

The app makes data collection easier, through the adoption of user-friendly and constantly evolving features. It is also perpetually evolving to integrate with other services to automate and centralise data collection as much as possible.

With the farm management app, a farmer can manage single animals, herds and stables and assign roles and activities to the members of the staff. Invited external users, such as veterinarians or officers, can participate in their farm management activities.

Alerts can be set-up for upcoming events, such as vaccinations, weighings or other important days, such as when medical treatments are scheduled.

Through the application of sustainable breeding techniques, enabled by the use of our top-quality precision tools that assist farmers in planning every action that has to be carried out on a farm, breeders acquire greater awareness and control over how and where to intervene, how many and which animals to treat, and how to formulate feed.

This helps the farmer save on costs and resources, avoid waste and optimise production processes.

The most convenient advantage of Farm4Trade’s Farm Management App is that it is operative both with Internet access and offline! Data can be registered on a local device when there is no Internet connection; when Internet connection is available, the data will upload to the cloud.

This is made possible by a seamless integrated mobile and web app service: a farmer may track data on his/her mobile phone app and all records will be effortlessly available on the web app immediately.

A generous limit of 150 animals can be registered with the free, basic version of the Farm4Trade app. Affordable, tiered pricing is available for larger farms. Farm4Trade provides first-class customer assistance, training and tailored services for whomever may require them.

In summary

By gaining complete control over record-keeping data, farmers become stronger and more prepared in dealing with buyers, other farmers, institutions, and farmers’ co-operatives.

Farm4Trade’s goal is to strengthen food traceability and food quality control mechanisms from the farm to the slaughterhouse and finally to the consumer’s table; it is a more simple and more accessible technology that helps improve everyone’s quality of life.

Farm4Trade takes pride in helping small and medium-sized farmers, who provide us with top-quality food every day. Now farmers have a new tool that can help them become more empowered and take a technological step forward with data.

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