A personal weather station

Here’s a useful gadget for farmers, says Greg Miles.

A personal weather station
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Having your own weather station is advantageous, not least because accurate statistics gathered over time can prove to be invaluable to the farmer. Now, a weather station known as the Oregon Scientific Anywhere Weather Kit is available for your farm at a reasonable price.

It is ‘plug and play’, meaning that the installation is extremely simple. The computer recognises the device and automatically loads new drivers for the hardware it needs. It then begins to work with the newly-installed device. Once the weather station is set-up, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection, be it from a laptop or smartphone.

Automatic storage
The Oregon automatically uploads meteorological data to your online storage. You can access up to a year’s worth of data.
It even lets you set up alerts to your smartphone when the weather turns bad, so that you know what you’re coming home to when you’re away from the farm. Your weather data is stored online, allowing you to check real-time and historic conditions from any Internet-connected device, as well as share the data with others via smartphone apps. (Android and iOS apps let you register your personal location, share real-time meteorological data, connect with other users and view graphs for the previous week.)

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Accurate weather prediction
With the Oregon, you can view comprehensive weather data, including barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction and UV (optional sensors required), so that you can see the bigger picture more accurately and better predict seasonal patterns. Your outdoor sensors transmit to the Weather Station receiver indoors. This data is uploaded to the internet. The Oregan is completely wireless, with a range of up to 100m. This allows you to position the outdoor sensors at their optimum locations in order to obtain the most accurate recordings.

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