AGRI SA calls for cool heads at ANC conference

Johannes Möller, President of Agri SA, says that he trusts that economic growth will be on the forefront of discussions during the conference of the ANC this week.

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“I also hope that we will be able to look back at the 53rd ANC Conference as a watershed one where the economic wellbeing of the agricultural sector was afforded a prominent position”, he added.

“We realise that as an integral sector of the economy we also need to make a positive contribution to the problems the country are grappling with, especially employment creation, alleviation of poverty, household food insecurity and rural economic development. We also appreciate the fact that the role the agricultural sector can play in this regard is acknowledged in various government policy documents, including the National Development Plan”, he said.

Möller added that the introspection by the ANC, which the conference needs to be centered around, will have to deal with matters threatening to place the country in a downward spiral. “If aspects like corruption, poor service delivery by government and the inability to implement sound policies, also pertaining to land reform are not addressed, the conference will without doubt be an exercise in futility”, Möller said. “The country can no longer afford a wait and see approach by investors”, he added.

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According to Möller, Agri SA was invited to participate in the business programme of the ANC Progressive Business Forum which will run concurrent to the conference. “We will definitely make use of the opportunity to engage with cabinet ministers and other government representatives on matters confronting our sector and the country at large”, he said.

“The agricultural sector can, provided a conducive policy environment exists, most certainly contribute towards building a proud future for the country, also in relation to political imperatives viewed as of critical importance by the ANC”, Möller said.

Issued by Agri SA, Directorate: Corporate Liaison

Mr Johannes Möller, President Agri SA, 082 647 8481
Mr Johan Pienaar, Deputy Executive Director, Agri SA, 082 388 0006