Reapers product launch: sugarcane planter

Reapers recently launched its latest product, a sugarcane planter, in KZN.

Reapers product launch: sugarcane planter
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Intelligent machine solutionsburg-based manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, recently showcased several new products. The venue for the event was Nigel Dohne’s Torquay Estates in mid-Illovo, KwaZulu-Natal. The star of the show was the new Reapers Powa-Cane planter, but the company also displayed several new additions to the Argo Industrial range of tractors that it markets in South Africa.

Reapers Powa-Cane planter
After a long period of in-field testing, the Powa-Cane planter (right) is almost ready for the market. Up to four operators feed the seed cane sticks into the machine, which cuts them to length and lays them in the previously drawn furrow. Fertiliser is applied at the same time and shares at the rear bury the seed cane in the furrow. It is designed to plant up to 2ha in an eight-hour shift. Options include a spray system to disinfect the cutting knives and applicators for insecticides and fungicides.

Argo industrial Tractors

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  1. Kioti tractors: These are the latest addition to the range marketed by Argo Industrial. The Kioti CK35 is a compact 25,4kW 4WD unit with 8×8 forward and reverse transmission. For the demo, it was matched to a Reapers Powa-Spraya with a 600l fibreglass tank and a full cover 10m boom. This can be supplied with up to seven drop arms for spraying sugarcane on the row. The Bertolini pump can move up to 260l/min.


  1. Landini Landpower 165: This has a six-cylinder turbo-charged, intercooled engine rated at 116kW and a sophisticated transmission with forward/reverse shuttle and 36 forward and reverse gears. It was demonstrated with a Kverneland CLG ll subsoiler, designed to eliminate compaction and improve soil structure. The subsoiler can work down to 550mm deep and the heat-treated tines have auto-reset leaf spring protection.


  1. McCormick D125 Max: This 88kW tractor was demonstrated with the Kverneland CLC ll chisel plough.

Ripper applicator
The latest version of the Reapers Ripper Applicator was demonstrated behind a 75kW 4WD Landini 5-110H tractor. The applicator can be supplied in several formats, the most common being the two-row, adjustable from 900mm to 1 200mm row widths. The ripper tines loosen compacted soil and the fertiliser can be placed from 50mm to 300mm deep. The new spring-loaded steel drive wheel eliminates slippage in heavy trash and ensures a constant application rate, regardless of forward speed. The newly designed Crumble Buster wheels (inset) pull trash from in front of the tines and, at the same time, break up clods.

Intelligent machine solutions
The Vicon RotaFlow RO EDW GEO spreader, seen above on the 68kW McCormick C100 Max Hi-clear tractor, has sensors and two actuators on each dosing unit. One sets the position where the fertiliser is discharged onto the disc, while the other controls the application rate. The GEOspread system makes it possible to adjust the settings for both discs from the tractor cab through an ISOBUS terminal. Equal-sized wheels front and rear give the McCormick C100 extra- high clearance, making it ideal for spraying and fertiliser spreading.