Memorandum: issues affecting agriculture

AgriSA has compiled a memorandum listing the 10 most important issues affecting agriculture.

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The purpose of the memorandum was to highlight the concerns for the wellbeing of agriculture, after the recent labour unrest in the Western Cape.

Some of the issues listed in the document include:

  •  Labour in agriculture, South Africa’s on-going problem with unemployment and the increase of 52% in minimum wages.
  • Policy coherence in regulation in agriculture – government departments have less co-ordination in agri development or farmer development. 
  • Land reform – creating uncertainty in the agri sector from an investment perspective.

AgriSA said that if the issues were constructively addressed, it could create a better environment for Agriculture. The document has been circulated to politicians, business people and to the public to create a wider dialogue and for people interested in agriculture to participate in the conversation. – Staff Reporter

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For the full document, click on the liink 10 most challenging issues confronting agriculture.

Comments on the document can be sent to [email protected]