Retrenchments at KLK-Landbou

Trade union Solidarity said it managed to cushion the impact of retrenchments at KLK-Landbou, in Upington in the Northern Cape.

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This followed KLK informing the trade union in July that a ‘restructuring process’ in its financial and administrative departments would lead to retrenchments.

According to Solidarity spokesperson Moira-Marie Kloppers, KLK said changing operational conditions had forced it to reconsider certain posts and reallocate duties.

“A total of seven employees, four of which are Solidarity members, were affected by the retrenchments. However, two of the members were redeployed to other jobs, while one accepted a voluntary severance package,” said Kloppers.

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KLK Limited stems from the Karakoel Lewendehawe Koöperasie Beperk (Karakul livestock cooperative) and was established in 1997. According to its official website, the company has an estimated annual turnover of R950 million.