Workshop for Soil Health at Bien Donné Agri Cape Week 2012

Healthy soil is important and a universal prerequisite for all farming activities over the spectrum from fruit and vineyards to animal production and pasture.

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Optimal Agricultural Business Systems (OABS), in cooperation with Vermisoil Africa, will host a special workshop regarding soil health at Bien Donné Agri Cape Week 2012, scheduled for 19 – 21 April at the ARC-Bien Donné Research Farm. The workshop will take place on Thursday, 19 April from 07:30am.

The workshop theme is: “Biological Farming with emphasis on soil health, vermicompost, and vermicompost tea.” Experts that will lead discussions or give lectures include Daan Louw (OABS), Werner Euler (Control Union), Francis Steyn (Western Cape Department of Agriculture), Ryan Newborn and Pedro Perreir (both from Vermisoil Africa).

Aspects that will be covered are the meaning of sustainability, preferred standards and the practical implications of it, biological farming in context with a changing environment; importance of soil health and the quality of compost and compost tea. The workshop will also provide time for questions and discussions regarding soil health.

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For information about the workshop, contact Anne-Marie le Roux on 021 863 1803 or at [email protected]. For general enquiries and more information about Bien Donné Agri Cape Week 2012, visit or contact Reinette Basson on 021 863 1803 or at [email protected].