Even better gear from John Deere

John Deere recently announced improvements and additions to the specifications of some of its tractors and combines.

Even better gear from John Deere
The John Deere 6130R with CommandPRO option.
Photo: John Deere
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When they were launched, John Deere’s flagship 6230R and 6250R tractors, with CommandPRO, set a new standard for the company.

CommandPRO enables the operator to use a simple joystick to control the tractor’s speed from standstill to maximum. Lower speeds (from zero to 2km/h) can be achieved with the creeper control function. An external ISObus joystick is unnecessary as the operator can engage the tractor and ISObus functions simultaneously.

The CommandPRO joystick is now available in all small and mid-range 6R series tractors.
It can be ordered in combination with either the 4600 or the new 4200 CommandCentre display.

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Bigger screen
The larger 213mm monitor of the 4200 replaces the 178mm screen of the 4100 unit. The terminal controls AutoTrac, Section Control, data documentation and other applications.

It is also compatible with all AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) certified ISObus functions, including data transfer between tractor and implement.

In addition, all 6R Series tractors can now be equipped with variable rate steering (VRS). This requires less arm movement, allowing for quick, smooth headland turns. The system can be activated and deactivated from the tractor’s CommandCentre control console.

In addition, the 6145R and 61255R models are fitted with a new hydraulic pump that delivers a maximum flow of 155ℓ/minute.

Improved tracks
New rubber tracks manufactured by Soucy are available for all S-Series combines as well as the T560, T660 and T670.

The footprint is on average 30% larger than those of other systems on the market. Due to a significantly longer track belt design, the 609mm track option for the S700 and T-Series combines has the same footprint as competitive 762mm versions. The transport width remains below 3,5m.

Top road speed is now up to 40km/h on all models, while ride comfort has been improved through the use of an undercarriage with five pivot points.

Downtime has been reduced, thanks to four rather than three steel cord layers on the tracks.

The track profile has also been improved, with the lugs deeper and angled at 55°. Tests conducted for seven hours a day over 20 days at a speed of 40km/h proved durability to be 50% up on the previous design.

A feature of these tractors is the triangular track layout; this enables the tracks to lift up at the front in tough conditions and pull themselves out of the soil instead of digging in deeper.

Track maintenance is remarkably simple. Greasing points are absent and the transmission oil now requires changing only every 500 hours.

The tracks can be replaced by wheels if required, possibly for resale.

Joe Spencer is the mechanisation editor of Farmer’s Weekly.