Farming for Tomorrow


Is hydroponics the answer to global food challenges?

In the first of a series on alternative crop production methods, international hydroponics consultant, Prof Gert Venter, explores hydroponics as a viable solution to global food security challenges, including water...
The Greendrum system

Ultrasonic sound used in drip irrigation line cleaning

An ultrasound cleaning technology for drip irrigation systems, produced by SA inventor Leon Lingnau and marketed as Greendrum, was proven to be highly effective during recent trials by the Agricultural...

A naturally potent biocide

Eco-Lyte is an environmentally-friendly disinfectant that eliminates pathogens. Gerhard Uys spoke to Rowan McDonald, chief technical officer at ECA Technologies Africa, about the new technology.

New rootstock evaluation protocol

The fruit industry is devising a new rootstock evaluation system to improve its competitiveness.

Super-efficient irrigation: tips for crop farmers

To ensure agricultural sustainability in South Africa, it is crucial that more efficient irrigation systems be implemented. Agricultural resource manager, Felicity Mitchell, explains how this can be achieved.

SA scientists lend a hand to control Australian wheat pest

The Russian wheat aphid (RWA), a pest well known to South African farmers, recently surfaced in Australia, and SA scientists are assisting with the development of RWA-resistant cultivars.

Study on origin of grassy savannas

The loss of Africa’s browsing antelope may threaten the future of savannas, a new study has found.

New low-chill apple varieties

The new Afri apple varieties could potentially extend the local season by two months.

The practicalities of effective greenhouse hygiene

The intensive but highly productive practice of growing crops in greenhouse environments lends itself to significant pest and disease threats. Paddy de Vries of Intense Agri Hydro provides valuable insights...

Computer vision technology set to improve crop health

The latest crop monitoring technology developed in Israel could soon be available in South Africa. Wilma den Hartigh spoke to Daniel Koppel of Prospera about its applications.

Livestock STD crisis: Northern Cape farmers fight back

The Northern Cape Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (RPO NC) works proactively to improve the province’s livestock reproductive status, and has initiated a bull and ram testing project to combat sexually...

Managing weather risk

Insuring against weather volatility is the norm in countries such as the US, but is not common practice in South Africa. Hans Smit of BVG, a risk management company, says...


hardy Bosvelder-type ewes

Indigenous livestock perfect for small-scale farmers

Ross Rayner and his father, Roger, farm 40 Nguni cows and 35 Bosvelder-type ewes on 250ha in the Mankazana Valley near Adelaide in the Eastern Cape. Their operation is an...

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