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The practicalities of effective greenhouse hygiene

The intensive but highly productive practice of growing crops in greenhouse environments lends itself to significant pest and disease threats. Paddy de Vries of Intense Agri Hydro provides valuable insights...

Computer vision technology set to improve crop health

The latest crop monitoring technology developed in Israel could soon be available in South Africa. Wilma den Hartigh spoke to Daniel Koppel of Prospera about its applications.

Livestock STD crisis: Northern Cape farmers fight back

The Northern Cape Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (RPO NC) works proactively to improve the province’s livestock reproductive status, and has initiated a bull and ram testing project to combat sexually...

Managing weather risk

Insuring against weather volatility is the norm in countries such as the US, but is not common practice in South Africa. Hans Smit of BVG, a risk management company, says...

Microbial-enhanced cotton seeds can increase profitability

A US company, Indigo Agriculture, has developed microbial-enhanced cotton seed that can thrive in hot conditions and boost production without genetic modification. Koot Louw, secretary of Cotton SA, tells Wilma...

Investigating the water-use characteristics of biofuel crops

Biofuels are an important sustainable alternative to fossil-based fuels. However, caution is needed to ensure that water-efficient feedstocks are selected in water-scarce South Africa, says hydrologist Richard Kunz of the...

Low-tech solution for predation

The Botswana Predator Conservation Trust is working with researchers to determine whether livestock predation can be prevented simply by painting ‘eyes’ on cattle’s rumps.

Harnessing the power of innovation

Through its ‘Enough’ movement, Elanco Animal Health aims to prove how innovation can help farmers produce more food without using more resources.

Using smart technology to improve animal profitability

The University of the Free State’s meat traceability platform will enable farmers to track the growth and measurements of their animals from birth to slaughter. Glenneis Kriel reports.

Assisted reproduction techniques for ostriches

The long-term objective of breeding ostriches according to scientific principles has been given a boost, thanks to research by Dr Marna Smith.

Using nuclear irradiation to kill two bugs with one zap

Nuclear energy has many beneficial applications. One is the potential, through the sterile insect technique, to suppress Eldana, a pest that causes significant economic losses to sugarcane farmers, as well...
Sweeter dragon fruit varieties for SA growers

Sweeter dragon fruit varieties for SA growers

Dragon fruit has the potential to provide South African farmers with an easily propagated, fast-ripening alternative to fruit such as avocados.


Managing for profit by Peter Hughes

How to implement a succession plan

The importance of a succession plan for a farming business cannot be underestimated, and must be prioritised.

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