Duplex Seed system from Pöttinger

Pöttinger has joined the ranks of planter manufacturers that promote the value of double rows in maize and other crops, says Joe Spencer.

Duplex Seed system from Pöttinger
The Aerosem PCS seed drill.
Photo: Pöttinger
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The new Duplex Seed system from Pöttinger plants maize for silage or harvesting in double rows, promising improved cost effectiveness, versatility and convenience. The system is available on Aerosem Precision Combi Seeding (PCS) seed drills.

In addition to increasing yield by up to 10%, it improves planting efficiency by enabling an increase in the forward speed of the planter. Maize can be planted with a companion crop or simultaneously fertilised.

In 2015, the University for Soil Sciences in Vienna tested the Pöttinger Aerosem PCS Duplex Seed and confirmed its efficiency. Silage maize yield increased by more than 11%, while that for harvest maize increased by over 8%.

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In 2016, large-scale tests performed in Hungary, Austria, the North Rhine-Westphalia area in Germany and Alsace in France showed a significant increase in yield in all locations. Planting performance improved by up to 25% due to a 10km/h increase in driving speed. Output, using a 3m-wide planter with four double rows, rose by almost 2ha/h.

The Aerosem PCS Duplex Seed can be changed quickly and easily for different seed types when drilling grain or planting maize. Other advantages are that the operator can control seed flow directly and monitor each maize row.  Here is a true all-rounder for maize, grass companion crop and fertiliser.

The Aerosem ADD with Duplex Seed plants double offset rows of plants 125mm apart. Spacing between the double rows is 750mm so they can be harvested with a conventional maize header.

Easy conversion
Converting from drilling grain to planting maize involves no more than fitting firming rollers and slot formers.

To change the seeding rate, the operator simply taps in the number of seeds/m2 or seeds/ ha on the operator terminal. There is no need to touch the drive chain. Each row of maize can be reliably monitored directly at the planting coulter.

Valtrac Parys is the South African distributor for Pöttinger.

Joe Spencer is the mechanisation editor of Farmer’s Weekly.