Achieving shorter ICP

Fertility and a short intercalving period (ICP) are more heritable than experts suggest, says cattle farmer Peter Schultz. He explains to Gerhard Uys that cattle well-adapted to their environment and...

Technology – a resource to drive profit in beef operations

Breeding and associated genetic technologies can make a difference to the bottom line in beef cattle herds, says Japie van der Westhuizen of SA Stud Book.

One family, four livestock enterprises

When Cornelius van Niekerk passed away, he left his sons, Jan and Bertie, a commercial beef cattle herd. He also left his daughters-in-law, Marizelle and Annie, a cattle stud each.
Dexter cattle

Dexter cattle: Ideal for meat and dairy

The Dexter cattle breed is hardy and well-adapted to South Africa's harsh farming conditions.
breeding bonsmaras

Bonsmaras: Offering great returns on investment

Holomo Lebona believes that Bonsmaras' adaptability makes them exceptional investments.
Farming hardy Nguni cattle in the Swartland

Farming hardy Nguni cattle in the Swartland

Michael Duckitt says that farming Nguni cattle in the Swartland has decreased his farming risks.

The Vaalharts beef cattle crossbreeding project

Crossbreeding beef cattle is gaining ground, as SA farmers increasingly value high productivity and low production costs. Prof Michiel Scholtz, head of the Vaalharts Crossbreeding Programme, tells Wilma den Hartigh...

Only use the best genetics – Hennie Viljoen

Top stud breeder Hennie Viljoen says farmers must use top genetics to increase productivity and profitability.
meeting beef cows nutritional needs

Beef cows: meeting their nutritional needs

Beef farmers should take care to match the nutritional needs of a cow to her production cycle to ensure optimal fertility rates, expecially when forage quality is low. Dr Dietmar...

Horseshoe Tuli cattle thrive on Eastern Cape veld

Dave Cawthorn runs stud and commercial Tuli cattle on semi-sweet veld near Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape. Mike Burgess recently visited the Horseshoe Farm to investigate the impact of this...

Breeding Brahman cattle with superior genetics

Heinrich Bruwer's passion for superior Brahmans has led him to the best genetics in the world.

Successful switch to beef stud breeding

A burgeoning warthog population indirectly benefited smallstock predators on James Faber’s farm in the Northern Cape. The problem was so severe that he converted his farming operation from sheep and...


‘Lack of work ethic’ at agri department pushes DG to resign

The director general of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (agriculture department), Mike Mlengana, has resigned suddenly from his post.
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