How much should a horse cost?

How much should a horse cost?

Breed, conformation and supply and demand are among the factors that affect the price of a horse, explains Dr Mac.
Make your own insect-repellent hanging garden in your stable

Make your own insect-repellent hanging garden in your stable

Hanging baskets will brighten up your stable yard and keep away flies, mosquitoes and other annoying pests, by Kim Dyson.
Reducing stress in broodmares

Reducing stress in broodmares

Owners of broodmares should ensure that their animals’ feed is optimal and the timing is right, says Dr Mac.
Multi-purpose Epsom salts

The many uses of Epsom salts

Magnesium sulphate has a wide range of medicinal uses for humans, from easing inflammation to acting as a laxative. And it’s no less useful on horses, says Kim Dyson.

How to fit a western saddle

An ill-fitting saddle can affect performance and even cause behavioural problems and back injuries in a horse. Follow these few simple techniques to ensure a good fit, says Dr Mac.

Cinnamon, the fat-fighter

Obesity and insulin resistance are common problems today. Cinnamon is a useful treatment, says Kim Dyson.

Are worms troubling your horse?

Is your horse in poor condition, despite receiving good food? Worms could be the problem, says Dr Mac.

Dealing with equine sarcoids

A sarcoid can occur on any horse (or indeed, any equid) and can be troublesome if it grows in vulnerable areas prone to chafing or similar irritation. Kim Dyson explains.

Training western pleasure horses

In South Africa, western pleasure is a discipline largely reserved for children. In the US, things are very different. Dr Mac spoke to Greg Wheat, a highly regarded trainer based...
Remedy for gastric ulcers

Remedy for gastric ulcers

Ulcers are a common problem in horses. The good news is that they can be treated naturally and easily with an age-old fermented milk drink packed with probiotics, says Kim...

Dealing with horse allergies

The weather is beautiful at this time of the year. However, this is also when horses suffer most from allergies, leading to asthma, eczema and other problems, says Kim Dyson.

Beware of impaction colic

Drought-stricken pasture can produce drier intestinal contents that are more likely to get stuck. The result may be impaction colic, a potentially fatal condition, warns Dr Mac.


New campaign aims to pressure UN to act on on-farm crime

New campaign aims to pressure UN to act on on-farm crime

Concerned that crimes committed against family farming operations pose a major threat to global food and fibre production, the Southern African Agri Initiative (SAAI) has embarked on an international social...

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