Breeding soundness examination

When a visiting mare is introduced to your stud, it could bring in fatal diseases. Don’t take a chance – ensure that the horse is thoroughly examined beforehand, says Dr...

Dealing with stifle injuries

The stifle joint is the key to weight bearing and movement of the hind leg, and damage can be difficult to diagnose. Severe stifle injuries need urgent veterinary attention, explains...

Dealing with IR and laminitis

Laminitis and insulin resistance usually go hand in hand, and are two conditions that strike fear into any horse owner, says Kim Dyson.

A new horse in the paddock

It doesn’t take long for a newcomer to become an accepted member of the herd. Kim Dyson discusses ways of easing the process.

Osteoarthritis in the fetlock

A horse’s fetlock acts as a shock absorber during movement. Over the years, small injuries can lead to more serious problems in this joint, cautions Dr Mac.

Joint problems to watch out for

Although swelling in a horse’s hock area does not necessarily lead to pain or lameness, it is best to let a vet examine the joint as soon as possible, says...

How to keep a pale horse clean

Washing pale horses can be a thankless task, as they like rolling in mud soon afterwards, says Dr Mac.

Your horse also needs to see a dentist

At some point, we all need a dentist. Horses are no different, and a check-up every six months is essential, says Kim Dyson.

Update on the CEM debate

Breed societies remain unhappy with the testing requirements for contagious equine metritis (CEM), despite these having been relaxed somewhat, says Dr Mac.

The value of trotting poles

If you are willing to put in the time with trotting poles, you will be rewarded with better balance, more elegance and a generally superior riding experience, says Kim Dyson.

Keeping your horse warm

Putting on a blanket in winter helps to maintain your horse in good condition, says Dr Mac.

Starting an exercise programme for horses

Bringing a horse into work takes commitment and effort, as well as common sense, cautions Kim Dyson. Here she suggests an easy, practical exercise regimen.


Land: access vs ownership

Land: access vs ownership

The one crucial point that should not be forgotten by all the organisations and political parties representing, or claiming to represent, the interests of various civil society groupings is the...

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