12 ways to protect the land

STEP 11: Teach your workers the critical importance of conservation.

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Farm workers can have a major impact – for better or worse – on biodiversity and the natural environment. For this reason, it’s crucial that they be educated on the value of caring for indigenous animals and plants. In fact, if taught properly, they have the potential to be the eyes and ears of conservation.


  • Train employees to use chemicals, especially poisons, correctly and check that they are doing so.
  • Educate personnel not to kill animals such as snakes, lizards and chameleons.
  • Encourage them to report sightings of animals, living and dead.
  • Do not allow workers to keep wild animals as pets.
  • Teach employees how to recycle and dispose of waste correctly.

Source: Harrison, J. & Young, D. 2010. Farming for the Future: Farming Sustainably with Nature. Animal Demography Unit, University of Cape Town.

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