Mountain view family home

The Western Cape is known for its beautiful scenery, and for this reason, David wants his house to be built on a slope facing the mountains.

Mountain view family home
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Dear Jonno
I would like your assistance with a plan for a house I intend building in a rural setting in the Western Cape. The site is north-facing with a 15° slope, and has a great view of the mountains.

The internal dimensions should be about 200m2, and it should have a mono-pitched IBR sheeting roof.

I would like the house to have two king-sized bedrooms, both en suite with showers and toilets (no baths). It should also have a farmhouse kitchen with separate larder and scullery, and open up into a spacious dining room.

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A large, separate lounge with a fireplace is a requirement, as well as a guest bathroom, a medium-sized study/sewing room, three garages on the same level as the house, and an enclosed veranda with built-in braai.

Kind regards


Mountain view family home

Dear David
Thanks for the very descriptive requirements for your new home in Sunningdale. I’ve given you a layout which could be one of many, but is highly functional and within the 220m² floor area requested.

The 15° slope of the land has to be taken into consideration; I’m attaching a rough cross-section sketch showing the outbuildings and split-level house designed according to the fall of the land.

As can be seen, the cut and fill embankments are still extreme.  Also shown is the ground level, which has a 3m fall from back to front. It will be a better option to relocate the garage from the rear of the house and place it at the front under bedroom one and the bathrooms.

This will be a critical aspect of the completed design.

Shown here is the facade of the house with parapet walls that extend above the regular ceiling height. The mono-pitched roof will run from front to back over the living area, and from left to right over the bedroom section. More aesthetic features can be added.

Please give me a call so that we can discuss any further requirements.

Kind regards, Jonno

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