Space to expand into

Space to expand into
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Dear Jonno

I have a farm outside Ficksburg in the eastern Free State on which I would like to construct a small, open-plan cottage. It would be located up against the mountain-side, so I would also like to capitalise on the beautiful mountain-facing views.

I am currently single, so need little space for now, but the design must be such that the cottage can be expanded into a lodge/mansion over time. The building will be built directly on top of sandstone, so there is, of course, a gradient.

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Kind regards

Dear Thomas
With your available budget and the requirement for future expansion in mind, I’ve designed the layout illustrated above.
While the cottage blends with the setting, it also curves around 90°, thus allowing you to take full advantage of the sun and the spectacular mountain views, as well as providing with complete privacy.

The cottage is constructed from the available sandstone, but the roof is a concrete slab. This allows the roof area to be utilised for entertainment, or further accommodation units. There are several possibilities for future conversions.
For example, ‘bedroom 1’ can be converted into a pub, while the living-room can be used as a large dining-room, which can accomodate several guests, or as a gathering place to discuss and compare the adventures of the day.

The bedroom wing, as illustrated above, has been designed for your private use, but can be expanded to accomodate friends and family, as and when you desire.

If you require any changes to be made, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,