A new app for sharing files over cellphone networks

Sending or sharing files over the Internet or cellphone networks can be a tedious affair, especially with a poor rural network connection.

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Now, a new free app developed by Lenovo called SHAREIt has revolutionised file sharing between devices.

Simply put, the app enables computers and cellphones to communicate without passing through a central server, router or network – a system called Wi-Fi Direct. The file transfer is said to be 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and files are saved directly to your device and not in the cloud (servers).

Bluetooth also enables direct communication between devices, but sometimes suffers from compatibility problems between various makes of phones, and devices can fail to ‘connect’ and share data. With SHAREIt, users can share files between any Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS device (not just Lenovo devices), and there are no compatibility issues. 

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Transferring files is done at the click of a button and they can be sent to individuals or groups.

Download details
The app can be downloaded at shareit.lenovo.com. At the time of writing, if you want to use SHAREIt on a PC, you will need Shareit 4.0, which is available for download at ushareit.com or shareitforpcc.com. The latter site takes you through the easy-to-follow installation instructions.

During the set-up, the program will allow you to choose the directory where all files received will be saved. You can also choose how the transfer of files will take place – in ‘Easy’ or ‘Secure’ mode. The latter will require a password.

The instructions also show you how to use the app to connect your PC to other devices.

Remote accessing
Once connected to the PC, you can send files, access your PC remotely, back up files to the computer, and even play files from your phone on the PC’s larger screen.

This app is an IT game changer and a must-have for anyone with a mobile phone who likes to share photographs with friends or family.

Source: www.tomsguide.com.

Greg Miles is a livestock farmer and internet marketer.