The must-have mobile scanner

This great app allows you to scan documents on the go with your phone, says Greg Miles.

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Genius Scan from Grizzly is an app that turns your smart phone into a scanner, enabling you to scan a document on the go and email or retain it for your own use. The document is saved as a Jpeg or a PDF. (portable document format). PDFs are especially useful for documents such as magazine articles, brochures or flyers where you want to preserve the original graphic appearance online. Genius Scan also allows you to build PDF documents with multiple scans. You can zoom in and out of copy and page through the document.

Jpegs (filename.jpeg) are the result of a compression method and are generally photographs. You can choose the degree of compression and there is a trade-off between quality and size.

A foolproof and easy-to-use scanner
The Genius scanner detects the page size and corrects the perspective. The importance of the latter feature cannot be over-estimated, because when using a hand scanner you will never be able to keep your phone absolutely still or at exactly the same angle when scanning a document. The app then enhances the scan with colour or black-and-white post-processing.

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Multiple uses and easy to store or send
With the phone scanner, you can, for example, scan a white board, a technical manual, a fact sheet, a receipt or a checklist that you might want to share with others. The app allows you to collect multiple processed scans/photographs into a single document.

In addition to email, Genius Scan provides easy upload to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs. Currently, Genius Scan has more than two million users. It has made numerous ‘Top 10 app’ lists. Here is an almost indispensable app – not least because you never know when you might need it.

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