Managing for Profit

Managing for Profit

Improving poor performance

A good management system will improve performance and motivation. But in order to achieve this, focus on the result, and never on the person.

Get in a balloon

No great decisions were ever made around a boardroom table. Schedule quiet time to get away and think strategically, or you too could get run over by the traffic.

Build a business dashboard

Designing an effective dashboard is no easy matter, but backed by a disciplined system that delivers the right information at the right time to the right people, it adds a...

Tracking your data

Actively manage your information flow, and don’t be overwhelmed by floods of useless data.

The power of co-operation

South Africa’s private game reserves provide a model that all farmers – and politicia I write this as dawn breaks, surrounded by the sounds of bushveld birds coming awake. ns...

Viva piece work!

‘Task work’ drives down productivity and sets management and workers up against each other. ‘Piece work’ is the only way to get productivity up and enable workers to earn more.

13 ways to build trust

Currently, trust in most levels of our society is as low as it’s ever been. We have to fix this if we’re ever to see the promise that the Rainbow...

Avoid your own Guptagate

Your personal integrity sets the ethical tone for your organisation. Keep the standards high.

Get rid of gwaza

A task-work system that rewards exceptional workers with time-off is a recipe for low productivity and a killer of incentive. If you’re using it, ditch it! But make sure you...

Labour lessons from Oz

The time has come for us to learn some lessons from the most labour-efficient farmers in the world.
Don’t become obsessed with cost-cutting. Profit is what really matters – and this requires revenue.
Fine-tuning costs may not be enough to keep the business solvent. Use brainstorming to generate new ideas which will make a real difference.


‘No justification for vegetable pricing structure in SA’

Some South African fresh produce farmers are opting to plough their produce back into the ground rather than sending it to national fresh produce markets due to the low prices...
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