Managing for Profit

Managing for Profit
The social media wave provides an opportunity for agriculture to win hearts and minds.
Although the cellphone opens up a new world of communication, it’s a small part of the ‘e-options’ available these days.
There’s power in social media, yet many businesses consider social networking sites as ‘toys’ of little value.

Unlock the power

The lazy man’s budget is ‘last year plus’ and it’s pretty useless. Here’s how to do it right.

Let there be light

Learn the language of finance and you’ll be able to participate in business at an entirely new level.
Over the past 500 years, accountants seem to have turned the simple task of keeping track of a set of figures into a black art, understood by few.
Being financially illiterate is akin to playing a game without knowing how to keep the score. Who would want to do that?
"You need a set of criteria against which to judge all requests for donations and s system to deal with them."
Don't let the tears in your eyes from the Springbok loss to Australia blind you to the valuable management lessons to be learnt from that match.

The birth of management

Those who have chosen a career in management, especially in the noble profession of agriculture, are among the exalted few.
How can you and your co-workers develop as much passion for work as golfers have for golf? What is it that motivates golfers? The fact is, there are many business...

Feeding cows

The stage of lactation, genetic predisposition, and salt all influence the cows' dry matter intake, writes Malcolm Stewart-Burger.


Bonsmara Bull

Learn about beef BLUP basics

Producers use breeding values to determine the long-term value of certain animals to their herds.

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