Tax Advice

The current economic situation remains unstable, but by applying a few common-sense measures we can better weather whatever storms lie ahead.
Just a short plane trip away from most major southern African cities is the financial paradise that is Botswana, where discretion is valued.
Government proposes to interfere in property sales, but the South African constitution makes no legal provision for it to override landowners' rights. In fact, it forbids it.
When a business is sold, the shareholders and guarantors of the company's debts have to make sure the debts are settled. Issue date:
The newly released South African Income Tax Amendment Bill contains highly innovative material to deal with existing restrictive rules.
Different business vehicles are taxed in different ways, which should guide your vehicle choice before you start up.
Small business owners, who may not have access to computer ­software for calculating business income and expenses, can now heave a sigh of relief. Issue date 8 June 2007