Agri Mega Week review 2015

This year’s Agri Mega Week in Bredasdorp was brimming over with new technologies that offered producers significant savings through increased efficiency.

Agri Mega Week review 2015
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A wide range of implements and equipment was on show in Bredasdorp in the Overberg at the 2015 Agri Mega Week. 
According to Orton King, group executive director of Mega Group, organiser of the expo, exhibitors and visitors were impressed by the neat layout of the exhibition space and the wide range of implements on show. Here is a selection of some of these.

Claas Lexion 770 TerraTrac (Overberg Agri) 
The tracks of this 384kW combine exert 66% less pressure on the soil than a wheeled machine does, resulting in less compaction.

MacDon PW8 (Vitamech)
Attached to the front of the harvester, the MacDon PW8 picks up windrowed crops such as canola and wheat, as well as reduced seed loss during harvesting.

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Degelman Pro Till 40 (SSK)
This is ideal for green mulching, thinning out plant material in lands where it has become excessively thick, and removing herbicide resistant weeds.

Sulky XT 130 (Hardi Crop Protection)
Interchangeable discs enable this spreader to spread lime up to 9m and granular fertiliser up to 36m. It is ground-driven and fertilisation is proportional to ground speed, whatever the topography. The Sulky XT 130 comes with a Vision terminal for variable rate spreading.

Bogballe fertiliser spreader (Human Landboudienste)
This spreader is available in various models from 775l to 4 050l bins with two spinners that turn inward instead of outwards for more even fertiliser distribution. 


SiloKing self-propelled feed mixer (Agrico)
The Siloknox system increases the life expectancy of an auger by up to 50%. A built-in scale and cross conveyer in the front discharges feed onto the floor or into feeding troughs. Mixer capacity: 18m³.

FAE mulcher (Human Landboudienste)
This can be used for deforestation, mulching between orchard and vineyard rows, and for stone crushing.

JCB 3CXeco (Agrico)
This backhoe loader works with three independent hydraulic pumps. The hydraulics are load-sensing, so the loader will use only as much capacity as necessary to perform the work. This can cut diesel costs by to 18%.

Orbach SM3000K mower conditioner (Orbach Agri)
This unit mows and crushes forage crops and hastens the drying process for baling. It can work at a speed of up to up to 16km/h, allowing the machine to cover 2,9ha/ h. Weight: 1,4t.

Bourgault mid-harrow (SSK)
Bridging the gap between regular and heavy harrows, this mid-harrow helps to evenly distribute crop residues. It also helps to stimulate early germination of weeds, making it easier to manage these before planting. The Bourgault mid-harrow can work in
a variety of straw conditions including heavy or wet residue, yet retains enough stubble to prevent erosion.

Bourgault 3270 (SSK)
A no-till planter ideal for the Southern Cape’s stony conditions. It is suitable for hilly areas, does not crab and can work at a planting depth of up to 100mm at 6mm increments at a speed of 8,5km/ha to 9km/ha. The mid-row bander places fertiliser 125mm from seed between every second row, stimulating root growth over a wider area.


Celli Seeder (Southtrade)
Ideal for inter-row sowing in vineyards and orchards, the Celli can sow fine seeds such as clover, oats and barley. Width: 1,5m.

MF 320 Small Grain Disc Planter (Barloworld)
The MF 320 plants 20 rows at a working width of 3,23m. Seed capacity is 662kg; fertiliser capacity is 975kg. The MF 326 can plant 26 rows at a working width of 4,25m. Seed capacity is 859kg; fertiliser capacity is 1 265kg. The MF 320 requires a 65kW tractor, and the MF 326 a 90kW tractor.

MF 3640 GE (Barloworld)
The MF3640 GE is equipped with a 63kW three-cylinder turbo AGCO Power engine that delivers fast, smooth acceleration and develops more power and torque at lower engine speeds than previous models. Common rail technology means greater fuel efficiency. It has a 12-speed syncro gearbox with mechanical forward and reverse shuttles.

Amazone ZA-TS 4200 Ultra Profis Hydro (Falcon Agricultural Equipment)
This fertiliser spreader has a precision spreader unit with an integrated AutoTS border spreading device for accurate trajectory of the spread pattern for optimal growth up to the land’s edges. The unit is self-calibrating and has a variable speed application to adjust fertilisation according to speed.

Case IH 380 CVT (Northmec)
This 283kW tractor comes with traction control and full autopilot.