Class winners at Agritechnica

AGCO dominated Hall 20 at Agritechnica, with Massey Ferguson and Challenger particularly prominent.

Class winners at Agritechnica
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The Massey Ferguson 5713 SL was named Tractor of the Year 2016 in the new ‘Utility Sector’ at Agritechnica. The tractor’s AGCO Power 4,4-litre, four-cylinder engine is rated at 97,5kW. There is a choice of either the outstanding Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 efficient and easy-to-use transmission.

Both come with the useful brake-to-neutral function and AutoDrive option, which provides automatic changing of the four or six steps in fieldwork, and the ranges when used in transport. There is a choice of three hydraulic systems to suit specific applications. An efficient twin-pump hydraulic system is standard, delivering 58l/min for the spool valves and linkage, with a separate pump for all internal services. For those requiring extra flow to boost loader performance, there is also the 100l/min combined flow system.

Another option is a 110l/min closed-centre, load-sensing system, which delivers flow and pressure on demand for optimal output, control and economy. This comes with fingertip spool-valve controls or electronic joystick. Speedsteer and Autoguide options are included to improve productivity and efficiency on the land.

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The cab is spacious and features a new clear dashboard colour display.

Three new models in the MF 4700 Global Series were introduced at Agritechnica: the 56kW, 64kW and 71kW. All offer the most up-to-date equipment and specifications in their class to meet the needs of multi-purpose users. For the European market, the 4700 series is powered by a state-of-the-art AGCO Power 3,3-litre three-cylinder engine.

The MF 4709.

Also on display was the MF 8737, with an AGCO POWER six-cylinder 8,4-litre engine rated at 255kW. This can be boosted to 300kW with Engine Power Management (EPM). The transmission is the continuously variable Dyna-VT.

Designed for tough work, the MF 8737 provides hydraulic power for all modern implements and equipment. The standard closed centre load-sensing system delivers a maximum flow of 205l/min at 200 bar. Six rear colour-coded spool valves have decompression couplers for fast and effective connections. There are also power-beyond couplers that provide a direct oil supply and free return for implements fitted with hydraulic motors.

Fender-mounted controls for the linkage and PTO make implement attachment easier, while buttons are used to operate a spool valve – particularly useful when using a hydraulic top link. The fully integrated Cat 3 front linkage option, controlled independently with its own spool valve, has a maximum lift capacity of 5 000kg. Two sets of couplers with their own dedicated spool valves and a free return are available.

The MF 8737 can also be equipped with a 1 000rpm PTO.

The mighty Challenger
Challenger claims to have perfected the track tractor with its much-imitated (but never duplicated) Mobil-Trac system which provides reduced compaction and increased transfer of power to the ground. The secret appears to be the oscillating mid-wheels that maintain constant ground contact, which provides superior traction and a comfortable ride.

The latest model MT 875E is powered by an AGCO Power 16,8-litre 12-cylinder engine rated at 440kW and with maximum power of 475kW. This engine has a better torque curve with greater torque increase over a wider range of engine speed. On the land, this translates into unmatched lugging ability, removing the need to change down or raise the implement when the going gets tough.

The Challenger MT 875E trac tractor.

Challenger’s in-line drive-train design provides a more direct link from the engine to the transmission than that offered by competitors, reducing power loss.

Updates to the CAT Powershift software result in smoother shifting with more forward momentum, again reducing power loss. Exclusive Power Management automatically shifts gears to maintain ground speed and save fuel.

Successful in South Africa
Since its introduction to SA in 2014, the MF 4708 has proved to be very reliable and offer extraordinary fuel efficiency. The models for the local market are fitted with the four-cylinder 4,4-litre AGCO Power engine.

The MF 4708.

Massey Ferguson has now developed a new 12 x 12 speed synchromesh gearbox for the MF 4700 Series to provide efficient and straightforward operation. There are eight gears in the main 4km/h to 12km/h land working range, which, coupled with the high torque at low engine speed, reduce the need to change gears.

Self-propelled sprayer
Challenger consulted large-scale farmers and contractors across Europe to establish exactly what they were looking for in a self-propelled sprayer. The result was the RoGator 600B Series, offering unprecedented boom stability, cab-controlled chassis height and track-width adjustment, exceptional operator comfort and many other innovative features that help achieve arguably the best spray performance on the market.

The Challenger RoGator RG 655D.