How to execute a successful irrigation project

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Modern irrigation is a complex, finely tuned system that requires precision planning and meticulous maintenance. Compromise on this, and you could end up with less than optimal performance and costly repairs.

How to execute a successful irrigation project
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A start-to-finish approach

When tackling an irrigation project, there are some crucial steps to follow to ensure an accurate bill of materials, smooth installation, and zero wastage.

  1. Survey and assessment

The team completes a detailed survey of the farm and assesses its suitability for irrigation. This determines the most suitable type of irrigation based on water availability, energy resources and topography.

  1. Design

An experienced team of engineers completes detailed hydraulic designs, layout drawings and pump station blueprints, with a focus on ensuring an efficient system while keeping both capital and operational expenditure down. Thorough planning during this phase ensures smooth project implementation later.

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  1. Shipment and delivery

All components, such as centre pivot parts, PVC/HDPE pipe, filters and containerised pump stations are packed and shipped to the area in complete knocked-down form.

  1. Installation

The full system is installed on site by skilled technicians. This includes digging trenches, laying cables, constructing pump stations and installing irrigation solutions.

  1. Automation with remote control

Remote control via smart devices offers management and control over pivots and pumps as a complete unit, simplifying irrigation management and saving energy.

  1. After-sales service

Technical after-sales service provides ongoing irrigation support, advice and maintenance to ensure optimal operation and peace of mind.

Features of a successful irrigation project

Water conservation

Irrigation solutions should use water as sparingly as possible. These solutions are designed to save water by reducing evaporation and run-off, by the use of durable materials to prevent leaks, and through easy scheduling of irrigation.

Energy efficiency

Lowering power consumption is key to reducing operating costs. Pumps are typically one of the largest sources of electricity. Agrico’s pumps can be integrated with technology such as the Agrico pump controller and variable speed drives to reduce energy expenditure.


Conserving the environment for the next generation is non-negotiable. Irrigation practices should align with sustainability by helping growers make the best use of them without negatively impacting the environment.

Optimal nutrient levels

Healthy plants and a good yield begin with the right quantities and balance of nutrients in the soil or growing medium. Conversely, over-irrigation and excessive nutrient application compromise crop health and yield, while consuming more resources.

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