Kärcher cleaners: tough on grime

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Looking for a hot-water high-pressure cleaner to tackle dirt on your farm? Kärcher’s latest product range is hard to beat, with its unique combination of power, efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Kärcher cleaners: tough on grime
The HDS 9/20-4 Classic can tackle the most demanding cleaning chores and is easy to manoeuvre around a farm.
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Kärcher has established an enviable reputation for its efficient cleaning systems. Now its latest hot-water high-pressure cleaners are setting the bar even higher, thanks to their environmentally friendly design.

So much so, that Kärcher is the first cleaning machine manufacturer in the world to receive an EUnited Cleaning Association certificate.

The European EUnited Cleaning Association represents leading manufacturers of floor-cleaning machines and high-pressure cleaners for industrial and private use.

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Certification is based on two key critieria: the burners must be extremely efficient, and the soot and carbon monoxide emissions must not exceed very low limits.

“As a world market leader for heated high-pressure cleaners, environmental protection plays a significant role as far as our products are concerned,” says Volker Steigauf, head of product management for professional high-pressure cleaners at Kärcher. “We’re very proud of the EUnited certificate.”

The new HDS 9/20-4 Classic mobile high-pressure cleaner, which is attached to a steel cage frame, has been designed to tackle almost any cleaning challenges, making it ideal for the agriculture sector.

Equipped with a powerful three-phase 400V hot water high-pressure system, it uses the latest diesel burner technology to ensure high efficiency and low emissions.

The HDS 9/20-4 operates with a working pressure of up to 200 bars, has a flow rate of up to 900ℓ/hour, and offers the advantage of hot water.

A thermal relay, safety block, temperature sensor, and exhaust gas sensor all help to ensure safety, while ceramic pistons reduce wear and tear.

Superior cleaning
Kärcher’s hot-water high-pressure cleaners enable farmers to wash down and deep-cleanse almost all surfaces, improving farm hygiene.

Thanks to its higher kinetic energy, hot water is particularly effective for cleaning, and combines well with Kärcher’s range of detergents. Using hot water also reduces consumption of detergents, shortens cleaning time, and lowers cleaning costs.

The HDS 9/20-4 Classic is well suited to the rough surfaces and uneven terrain of a farm. It has push handles for easy manoeuvrability, large, puncture-proof tyres, and a parking brake for safety and convenience.

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