More from Lemken at Agritechnica

Here are some other innovations introduced by the German company at this year’s
Agritechnica Expo, says Joe Spencer.

More from Lemken at Agritechnica
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 This week, we look at the pneumatic Solitair and a new way of planting seed speedily and efficently.

Azurit Planter with Deltarow
Lemken’s DeltaRow placement system is a departure from the traditional approach of planting seed in a single row. Instead, it has staggered twin rows spaced 125mm apart. This, it is claimed, gives individual plants 70% more surface area for growth and ensures better access to water and nutrients.

The Azurit seed driller allows maize, soya beans, sunflower and rapeseed to be sown with great precision and efficiency at up to 15km/h. Two residue wheels clear harvest residue and stones. A fertiliser coulter then places a fertiliser band precisely in the middle of the twin rows, while trailing packer rollers close the fertiliser furrow. Seeds are conveyed to the singling units ‘on demand’ from a central seed hopper.

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The singling unit comprises two synchronised perforated discs, which distribute seeds alternately onto the two double disc coulters of the DeltaRow seeding unit. The coulters, which are guided by a depth control wheel installed centrally between them, place the seeds precisely in the pre-consolidated furrows. V-shaped pressure rollers then close the twin seed rows.

Solitair 25 Seed Drill
The pneumatic Solitair is the flagship of Lemken’s seed drills. Highly regarded for high-precision, highly efficient seeding, it has recently been comprehensively updated. The most striking external difference in the Solitair 25 is the new polyethylene tank, which holds 3 000l and features an extra-wide inlet.

There are also numerous innovations inside the new Solitair. Each metering unit features a separate electrical drive, and the volume delivered by the cell wheels can be adjusted as required to ensure optimal seed flow for all types of seed. When the seed hopper is used for fertiliser, the direction of cell wheel rotation is reversed to prevent seed scraper wear.

The upgraded blower fan comprises a stainless steel gear, requires much less hydraulic power than before and is substantially quieter. The Solitair 25 can be used in five different drill combinations on the chassis of Lemken’s soil cultivation implements, giving it remarkable versatility.