Morningdew Farms and Afgri, together at Delmas

Morningdew Farms and Afgri’s Delmas branch held a well-attended joint demonstration at one of Jannie Neuhoff’s farms, Hadeda’s Garden Estates.

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The event was primarily aimed at vegetable growers. G ollie Coetzee, branch manager of Afgri Mechanisation, used the occasion to announce the details of Afgri’s new approach to the supply and servicing of tractors and equipment, as well as upgrading 12 of its branches where trained personnel will be on hand to provide quality, world-class service.

This reversible disc plough is one of a number of implements that GC Tillage imports from the Jan Company of Näo-Me-Toque in Brazil. With a simple, manually-operated reversing mechanism, it’s popular for work in very rough conditions and building contour banks. The reversible plough is also used by many vegetable farmers who appreciate the value of a level seedbed, without the ridges and furrows associated with conventional ploughs.
The new 30 series, six-cylinder, Mannheim-built JD 6630, rated at 112kW, was hitched to the Amazone ZGB 8200. With a capacity of 8,200l, this trailed unit is the top of the range of Amazone precision spreaders imported by Falcon Agricultural Equipment and distributed through Afgri and other authorised dealers countrywide. The ZGB can handle dry poultry manure, dried sludge and bulk materials from damp lime to granular fertiliser, with exceptional accuracy at spread widths of up to 36m.
Morningdew Farms is currently testing this twin-rotor rotary cultivator from Struik. It has the conventional Struik rotor in front, followed by a powered spiked drum working in the opposite direction. The objective is to create a perfect seedbed, burying any material that could disrupt the operation of a precision planter under a level layer of perfectly-tilled soil.
The ladies doing all the work on the Ferrari transplanting machine posed for Farmer’s Weekly. They are, from left, Elizabeth Mampkoa, Rafina Mbhiza and Lisbeth Moropane. After training and practice, and with the seedlings correctly packed in the trays, an operator can plant up to 3,500 plants per row per hour with a Ferrari planter.
Conditions were a little too dry to give a realistic demonstration of the Stanhay Star high-precision multi-line planter, claimed to be the world’s most accurate, versatile and reliable precision vacuum seeder. It uniquely sows natural or pelleted seed in one to four lines from each unit. Visiting farmers wanted to know all the details of the seeder’s capabilities and Hannes van Arde, the Stanhay expert at Morningdew, calculated some seeding rates for the required spacing of a specific crop.
Falcon Agricultural Equipment was another of the companies supporting this event. Isak Nel, Falcon’s Regional Sales Manager, introduced the bed former option for the Falcon Rotorvator. On the market for almost 20 years, this South African-manufactured rotorvator has proven ideally suited to local conditions.

José Rebelo, MD of Morningdew Farms, explained his company’s approach to the mechanisation of vegetable farming Gollie Coetzee can be contacted at Afgri Mechanisation Delmas on (013) 665 2343 or 082 903 1112, or e-mail [email protected]. For information on the equipment supplied by Morningdew Farms contact Thomas Dudley on (011) 613 4266 or 072 678 2870, or e-mail [email protected]. |fw