The new John Deere 6B Series tractors

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Looking for a simple, reliable, mid-sized and cost-effective tractor? The all-new 6B Series of tractors by John Deere ticks all these boxes, and has been tested extensively across Africa under the harshest conditions. It will be available in South Africa from July.

The new John Deere 6B Series tractors
The new John Deere 6B Series tractors are designed to carry out the full range of farming tasks, from fieldwork to haulage, loading and dairy operations.
Photo: John Deere
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The new John Deere 6B Series comprises four models, all available in open operator station and cab configuration, and powered by proven John Deere 4,5-litre PowerTech turbocharged diesel engines:

  • The 6095B, with a mechanical rotary diesel fuel-injection engine delivering 95hp (71kW);
  • Three larger models, namely the 6110B, 6120B and 6135B, all powered by an electronic,
    common-rail, fuel injection engine with an air-to-air cooler system. The three models deliver 110hp (81kW), 120hp (88kW) and 135hp (99kW) respectively.

The tractors operate at up to 30km/h in the case of the 6095B and 40km/h in the case of the 6110B, 6120B and 6135B. All models are available with mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD), which gives the operator maximum power and traction for the toughest tasks.


The 6B Series can operate a wide variety of implements for tillage, hay making, seeding, planting and other operations. They are ideal for haulage of grain carts, sugar cane trailers and similar implements.

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They are particularly suited to John Deere 563 loaders for general loading and beef and dairy applications.

The three-point hitch has a lifting capacity of 2 500kg (6095B) and 3 300kg (other models). The 6B open operator station option, with a two-post, rollover protections system, is available in standard and deluxe package configurations.

  • Standard package
    The models with standard features are all driven by a 12 forward and four reverse dry-clutch, top-shaft synchronised transmission with a maximum speed of 30km/h and equipped with MFWD and power take-off (PTO). They all feature a fixed steering column, a standard adjustable seat, and two working lights. The standard package also offers a hydraulic flow of 50ℓ/ min operated from control levers on the rear right-hand fender.
  • Deluxe package
    Tractors with deluxe features are equipped with a 24 forward/12 reverse wet-clutch, high/low power reverser transmission. The MFWD is engaged mechanically, while the PTO is controlled with a switch located on the right-hand control console.

The deluxe operator station has a tiltable steering column and an extra-comfortable seat with armrests. All deluxe tractors have front-wheel fenders and two front and two rear working lights for night operation.

The hydraulic system in the deluxe package delivers 60ℓ/ min through three colour-coded
hydraulic selective control valves for large implements.

Comfortable cab
The 6B Series is offered in a cab model fitted with air conditioning and heating. This is also available in a Premium (standard) and Deluxe configuration.

The Premium cab (also known as standard cab) models are all driven by a 24 forward / eight reverse wet-clutch, top-shaft, synchronised transmission and have a mechanically
engaged MFWD and electrohydraulic PTO. The cab features a fixed steering column and
standard adjustable seat.

The 6095B Premium cab model has a hydraulic flow of 50ℓ/ min delivered via two external,
mechanical, rear selective hydraulic valves while the other models deliver 60ℓ/min through
three external selective control valves.

The three-point system is operated with control levers on the rear right-hand fender. The Deluxe cab package offers exactly the same features as the deluxe package described above.

The 6B Series of tractors will be available in sub-Saharan Africa from July 2020 onwards. Contact your nearest John Deere dealer for more details and a demonstration.

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