Valtra and Pöttinger – Part 2

Joe Spencer continues his overview of what’s new from Valtra and Pöttinger.

Valtra and Pöttinger – Part 2
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The following equipment, showcased by Pöttinger at Agritechnica, could be of value to SA farmers on the lookout for cost-effective technology.

Pöttinger’s HIT 10.11T 10-rotor tedder has a working width of 11m and a transport width of only 2,9m. The unique Dynatech rotor provides protection for the crop, while the Liftomatic Plus is an excellent way of working headlands. The rotors are first set in a horizontal position and then raised. At no stage do the tines touch the ground during lifting or lowering.

In addition, the high headland position of 900mm ground clearance prevents the tines from smearing or scraping the ground, leaving the forage clean and protecting the sward.

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2. Loader wagon
The Faro 4010 L/D is now available as a multi- purpose Combiline with bodywork featuring high-strength, full-length panels without extension bars. A 15t chassis is standard; an 18t chassis with trailing steered axles is available as an option.

3. Compact harrow
The Terradisc 3001 compact disc harrow – seen here with the Tegosem spreader – is designed specifically for stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation. The wheel position ensures good soil penetration and a thorough mixing of crop residue.

The ‘rigid’ models are available with working widths of 3m, 3,5m and 4m; the mounted folding and trailed versions go up to 6m. The new Tegosem catch crop spreader, used in combination with a Pöttinger stubble cultivator or disc harrow, enables soil preparation and cash crop sowing in a single pass.

It can drill a wide spectrum of seed, from mustard to grass and rapeseed to peas and beans. The metering system is driven electrically. Two metering shafts are standard.

4. Innovative cultivation technology
The Vitasem mechanical seed drills score high with their precision seed metering and distribution. They are also quickly and easily fitted and removed.

The large Dualdisc coulters cut through surface trash easily to form tidy, uniform rows. Harvest residue is not pressed into the ground. The Vitasem A and Vitasem ADD (seen here) can be used in combination with various soil preparation implements. They provide a row spacing of 125mm and an inter-coulter rail spacing of 300mm, ideal for optimal plant distribution and forming the basis for a high-yield harvest.

In use, the weight of the seed drill acts directly on the rear roller. This means that the cultivating implement remains free-moving. A hydraulic cylinder is also available to lift the seed drill further forwards up over the tillage implement. This achieves an ideal centre of gravity in relation to the tractor and the machines can work right up to the edge of the land.