A farmhouse in the Caprivi

A farmhouse in the Caprivi
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Dear Jonno
I have been following your columns every week and decided to get in touch with you. I recently saw your plan for a farmhouse in KwaZulu-Natal for a businessman and his partner [Farmer’s Weekly, 17 April 2015].

I reside in Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and would like you to suggest a plan, similar to the one I’ve attached, for a house on my small farm. The home will be for a single family, and have two bedrooms and a study, as I work from home. I need working drawings of the plan as I am arranging for the contractor to survey the area and do preparations as necessary.


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Dear Cosma
Thank you for the telephone call where you provided more details for your new home requirements. As you said, the house has to be within budget as the home featured in the Farmer’s Weekly of 17 April 2015 was 416m2, which would put you out of pocket.

What you required the most was the aspect of outside living featured in that sketch. Here is a sketch layout that I conceptualised after our discussion. The rooms are fair-sized and the main living rooms are integral with the inner courtyard. The sitting/dining areas have an open-beamed ceiling, as you requested. You were not sure about the roof material or styling, but this home can have a thatched or any other roof.

I’ve been up to the Caprivi Strip and find it nature-friendly and absorbing. I’ll wait to hear from you and wish you all the best.

Kind regards