A multi-use chalet

In passing through the Muden Valley in KZN, I called in at my acquaintances who own a lodge there. We got chatting and Bryan expressed the idea of developing a half dozen or more private chalets.

A multi-use chalet
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He said that they were regularly turning passing customers away for lack of overnight accommodation. Farmers in the valley had also expressed the wish to own a chalet each which would be for their retirement when their farms were left to their youngsters. With all this variation of potential uses of the would-be chalets, I’ve contrived a layout that would pander to the anticipated requirements of a varied clientele.

Attic floor plan 26m2

The unit shown here can serve as:

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  • A weekend getaway or holiday home.
  • A let-able unit in collaboration with an established lodge.
  • A time-share unit for four or more partners.
  • A permanent retirement home. A special ramp to reach the first floor level is shown for retirees.

First floor plan 81m2 + decks

Essential to the building development would be to preserve the established natural biome, in which a mini game reserve has been created. Wouldn’t you just want to be there?