A unique ‘glass house’ design

Christine and her husband want to build a three-bedroom home on one level, with open-plan living rooms surrounding an atrium with glass roofs.

A unique ‘glass house’ design

Dear Jonno
My husband and I are intrigued by the variety of homes on your website.

We’ve bought a smallholding west of Rustenburg, close to the Cradle of Humankind. We’d like to build a three- bedroom home on one level, with open-plan living rooms surrounding an atrium.

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The latter would accommodate all the plants that we’ve collected over the years – ferns, succulents, bromeliads and others.

Because hailstorms are infrequent in this area, we would like the house to have glass roofs and doors. We’re thinking of a U-shape home layout, with the atrium placed centrally and extending towards the front of the house.

We would also like the verandas and braai area to be at the front of the house.

We leave it up to you to produce a unique design.
Thank you, Christine


Dear Christine
You really got me thinking. Attached is a layout that could be one of many, but incorporates all your suggestions.

With the glass-framed doors, this would be like living in a greenhouse.

The central atrium will have an open-beam, scissor-truss roof arrangement from which you can hang your many air plants and ferns.

The sliding glass doors to the atrium can be of Perspex (acrylic glass), which will allow radiant heat into the house while limiting heat loss. It will also keep the rest of the house cosy during cold spells.

Let me have your further thoughts.

Kind regards