Contemporary house for years to come

Ngooni from Harare wants to build his first house and asks Jonno to assist with a design of a modern four-bedroom house.

Dear Jonno
I intend to build my first house on a 2 000m² stand and need ideas on plans for a medium budget. I need a modern house but I’m clueless when it comes to striking styles. When complete, the house should have four bedrooms (two en-suite), a lovely kitchen, separate dining room and lounge area, and a semi-detached maid’s room. I want to build the house over a five-year period, so therefore have to stay on site to cut on rental costs. The roof has to be cement tiles. The bathrooms should have a tub and shower, and the house should have one independent toilet. The main structure will be brick under tile and plastered. I want my house to still look modern in 2018 when it’s complete.

Ngoni, Harare

Hi Ngoni
Here is a home layout that can be almost any style and stay contemporary for many years to come. Most practically, this home can be stage-built as funds become available. I always advise clients to build the superstructure as the first phase, then complete the fixtures and fittings on a self-build basis with available funds. It can also be built in halves or thirds. The rooms are all a good average size but can easily be increased without spoiling the overall style. Let me know where you would like to place the maid’s room.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards